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Hello everybody,

I think I’m beginning to see a pattern in things that happen with me behind this blog. Remember that last week I told you that I didn’t feel so well, that I had a headache and an overall malaise? Well, as it turns out, it might have caused the left wrist pain that happened that evening and continued throughout the weekend. Thankfully it stopped on Sunday. But all this taught me some interesting lessons.

As I write this post on a Friday (27 Jan), each Saturday and Sunday need to fit somewhere. So the week I’ll be reviewing will be from last Saturday to this Friday ( 21-27 Jan). I know, weird. But that’s how my brain wants it right now. I’m thinking that on Mondays nobody wants to read stories, correct me if I’m wrong.

Let’s get BEHIND THE BLOG and see what the fourth week of 2017 brought!


Since we last talked, I had wrist pain, a family party celebrating my dad’s birthday and had a fabulous day at church on Sunday. If you’d told me a year ago that I’ll want to attend church and actually feel amazing while doing it, I would have laughed. Because at that time my mind was so fixed on personal salvation and self-help, I couldn’t understand the role all this Christianity stuff has on our lives. The mission we have to love people and how that will make us and them better in return.

But wait! What kind of Christian am I? Here's 10 facts about Greek-Orthodox Christianity:

Here's a behind the scenes of a Greek-Orthodox Church. Come and see!

But as you live, you learn, and 2016 has proven to be a turning point where I let go of Yoga and all the universal energies, kundalini ideas, etc and turned back to what is now my greatest love of all and my best friend: Jesus Christ. The other things did their job rationally, body-wise, but they are void, you’ll find nothing in them that you won’t find in Christ. It’s all a discovery process and I truly recommend it in today’s ever-disengaged world. It’s incredible what relaxation and mental ease can do to you! We each have our own methods to achieve that.


Overall, this week taught me to focus on helping people and not on self-image (being judged by others). As public opinion, people always have different ideas of you, so trying to please them ends up making you sick. Literally! I was so focused on making my best presentation ever, that I got over-agitated and under-delivered on my speech on Wednesday evening. But that’s life and it all comes with ups and downs. But all in all, there will be people who agree with you and others who won’t. And that’s perfectly fine.

“Do not be afraid, I am with you” (ISAIAH 43:5)

Be vulnerable, be human, it attracts people. Make them feel good about themselves, it matters. Coming full-circle before getting on to weekly FAVOURITES, God always takes care of things and angsts. In my experience that’s what always happens, no matter how down I am or how hopeless and scared I can get.


Hmm, what did I like this week? Let’s see:

1. Simon Sinek’s presentations on YouTube

We all resonate with certain types of people, usually with the ones we have or find things in common. Strangely enough, that's what caught my attention when discovering his work.

Coming from a Sociology background, I related to the theories that Simon talks about and being in search for my own WHY, I found his Golden Circle to be of maximum help. Not exaggerating one bit. As Steve Jobs said: "As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.", my why took some soul-searching, past-experiences reviews and almost two years. Not an easy job, but with good help, it's totally achievable.

Simon even has an online course that can help you find your Why faster (click HERE). But the aim is to INSPIRE, not necessarily sell. Because people are drawn to stories, not numbers. It all started with WHY, and now I want to know more about how to inspire trust and confidence. Because my WHY is to empower people to live life with more personal integrity and through that be the best version of themselves. Be the person they'd like to meet.

Here's a talk about why leaders should eat last and what makes us crave connection.

2. Amy Schmittauer’s VLAB and all around brand strategy.

Amy is one of my YouTube favourites. The creator and host of SavvySexySocial, she's been one for more than two years now. She motivated me to try vlogging for the first time ever in August 2016, and I must admit I kinnda miss doing videos, although it wasn't easy.

Her content is both insightful and fun and thus she helps you learn about vlogging and digital marketing without making you lose interest.

This lovely lady is launching her first book on in just four days and has been documenting the entire launch journey in daily vlogs, which you can see in the playlist below. Learn to #VlogLikeABoss and start watching this one, as she is working her way to the top, I can feel it! Click HERE for her "Vlog Like a Boss" website!

3. "After 20 years (1997-2017)" playlist that made me remember my 12 year old self:

And that's it for this week's review and behind the scenes. Hope you find some use or inspiration from it.

BEHIND THE BLOG is a weekly letter from me to you. Its purpose is to offer a behind-the-scenes into the motivations, life events and learnings that make the building blocks for the SMart Choice Lifestyle. It’s about life through my eyes, the author of the blog. It is shared for you, so that it may help you in any way, shape or form. It also serves as a personal journal so that I can come back to what happened later in the year.

See you next week & have a wonderful weekend!

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