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What’s the one story we all look for? What’s that one feeling that lets us know that we belong? That we’re equally responsible for the other as they are for us? What’s that thing that has the power to lift us up whenever we may think life is now over? We sing it, feel it, suffer for it, wish for it. It feeds us, it starves us. It’s everywhere around us, inside us, between us… I’m talking about that crazy little thing called LOVE (Thank you for the title, Freddie!)

This is the second Friday that I write about what the week taught me. From this point onward, we’ll name this section BEHIND THE BLOG. Its purpose is to offer a behind-the-scenes into the motivations, life events and learnings that make the building blocks for the SMart Choice Lifestyle. It’s about life through my eyes, the author of the blog. It is shared for you, so that it may help you in any way, shape or form. So let’s see what the second week of 2017 brought.

In terms of HIGHLIGHTS, I think you’ll agree with me that not all life is made out of such bright and shiny things. There may be just hidden little gems like the “HUMAN” documentary that opened my eyes (once more) about how unique we are as people on this planet and how much alike we really are. It taught me about that crazy little thing called LOVE that has the capacity of saving the world if we all work together.

Relationships and belonging are not just for the immediate family. We all feel the same, love the same, suffer the same, hate the same… The only difference is about the local contexts and conditions we’re brought up. People are influenced by the culture they are brought in, but at the same time, they are more alike than they think, and the most powerful common ground is LOVE.

I kid you not, at one point as I was watching the documentary and listening to the stories, my hand reached out wanting to comfort the ones who were crying. There’s something unbearable about looking in another human beings eyes and seeing them cry. It brings instant action, need to comfort and compassion.


It reaffirmed my belief that pride and Ego are the source of all the evil in this world. Without getting too philosophical or melodramatic, I really believe that being humble and giving more of ourselves than we actually receive can be the key to achieving harmony between people. Serving, helping people with whatever skills we have is amazingly rewarding and heart comforting. Both for the ones who receive it and for the ones who give it. We are all different and are made to serve a different purpose in this mechanism called LIFE. The essence of this mechanism is LOVE.

With that all being said, here are some FAVOURITES from this week. Here it goes!

1) “HUMAN” (by Yann Arthus-Bertrand) #WhatMakesUsHUMAN

2) “Al Pacino’s Top 10 Rules for Success” (by Evan Carmichael)

3) Obama’s farewell address (ABC News)

See you next week & have a wonderful weekend!

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