When Life Challenges You

MS is unforgiving. So you might say. So you might think. And therefore so you might act. Entering a destructive mindset like this will never bring anything good. Yes, MS is or can be very hard on you, your emotions, your family and basically to all the things you want to do in life. But getting boxed in by the sentence someone gave you or that you yourself have imagined means quitting. Quitting on life, quitting on all the loved ones and quitting on you. Are you a coward?

When I first got diagnosed I did not cry. I could not cry. The only reason I began to have tears in my eyes was when I saw the impact it had on my loved ones. Feeling responsible for another person's well-being and happiness has a huge toll on how you perceive what happens to you in life. I did not care about me, but about how I would live my life without causing them distress.

My mom only thought of wheelchairs, my father was in semi-denial and thought of the positives of this, my boyfriend did not want to think about any of this and wanted to just go on with life as it happened and deal with it when needed. They all wanted me to be healthy and happy. I just wanted to protect them from any suffering they might have because of this diagnosis.

MS is never only your problem. You can’t think of it as “I am sick and people around me must understand and fullfill my needs!”. I expect you’ve gone passed that phase long ago, when you finished kindergarden.

As grown-ups, as human beings, we need goals, we need purpose in life. We need to grow and develop all throughout our lives. If there’s one single thing left there to motivate you in your MS struggle, let it be caring and living for your loved ones, for your family.

Be part of their life as they are part of yours. Make sure they know what, how and why things are happening to you. And most of all, tell them how much you love them. Tell them you’re OK. Tell them you’ll get through this together.

I know people get scared. I know people might leave. And I know that scares the living hell out of you. You fear being left alone. You fear loneliness. You are a social creature and it’s OK to have those feelings.
As people, we need to get close and interract with other people. We need to create bonds in order to develop, grow and go through life. We create attachements, plans, dreams. We accumulate material things, statuses and a paycheck.

And then MS strikes. And then we get afraid. Afraid of losing all of this. All that we built for ourselves and for the ones around us. People are afraid of being left alone, are afraid of emptyness.

But life doesn’t have to be this way. Stand tall. Face all ods. You have more power than you know. You already know what you want to become and do.

Afraid that your loved ones will leave and fall apart from you? Remind them that you love them every day. Be there for them, and stay strong for them.

Afraid of losing your job? Accept that the employer wants his business to be profitable and move on. It’s a new start, a fresh opportunity to do what you want with your life.

Challenge yourself. You can start working for yourself, you can help others. You can provide value for others. You have been through MS and back, and therefore you can guide newly diagnosed people.

Keep a fresh mind, keep a warm heart and get out of your comfort zone. The more you do, the stronger you’ll feel. The stronger you’ll feel, the easier life will slowly but steady become.

When life challenges you, accept it. Find opportunities to grow. Find opportunities to learn. Find opportunities to design your own story. I trust that you can do it.

This is the SMart Choice mentality and the one I want to help you with. You can rise above the challenges life throws at you. You are your biggest asset.


Question: What challenges do you face on a daily basis? Do you act on them, or just react and give up? Share your answers on Facebook, Twitter or in a comment down below. Thank you for your visit!