About being scared

Have you ever been scared? So scared that you almost can’t move? That you almost can’t think? And most of all, that you almost can’t cry? Well I have been there, and thankfully came back. Not once, but several times since my MS diagnosis.

I’ve asked myself “What kind of person are you? Are you a coward? Are you weak?”. And the answer came immediately: “I am courageous, strong, but I get scared!”. Multiple sclerosis is not a little flower to deal with. It has quirks and bousts of anger and it all comes from within you. Your own body is attacking you. Could you deal with this? Knowing that randomly, your body decides to fail you, although it has been there for you for your whole life. Untill now.

Life is already a sum of uncertainties and surprises, good or bad. MS only adds up to that. Living life is not an easy task by itself. Not knowing if your body will go against you or not, whether your vacation will be carefree and if you will be able to care for your loved ones IS scary. The mere thought of losing control of one of your senses, or of one of your limbs, not being able to read, move or touch IS scary.

Funny how “scar” got into “SCARy”! MS scars are SCARy. You have the right to be afraid. You have the right to grief and cry your eyes off. You have the right to be angry. But you also have the OBLIGATION TO GET BACK TO YOURSELF!

Get healthy! Get fit! Get relaxed! Eat a proper diet, exercise as much as you can and try to not stress so much about multiple scerosis. The SCAR is there. Don’t rub it! You’re right! It’s SCARy. Now get on with life.



Alexandra Celic

MetamorphosiS. An MS story and all in between - ep. 3 - And so it begins...

What do you do when you’re facing danger from within? You don’t know the cause, but you’re feeling anxious, scared even. You feel that things are not in the way they’re supposed to be and that is more to it than you thought. Going in to have a treatment that will finally make you feel better should be comforting, right? At least a bit, right? Not if you fear needles and the doctor tells you that you have to face them for three or five days in a row. And not just a pinch, an i.v. An i.v. with a drug that you know has side effects that will expose your body to reduced immune function and predispose it to infections, amongst other issues.

Telling your loved ones
My dad took the news rather well. He sounded so calm on the telephone! I didn’t expect him to be so straightforward about it. Maybe I should just get the treatment done and then get on with life. Yes, that’s the way to do it. Or maybe it isn’t?! I’m confused. If I don’t go to the hospital to get those i.v’s, my vision will get worse. The neurologist said so “You only have two eyes. It’s your decision!”. I want to keep my eyesight. I do. But needles? Five days in hospital? The last i.v. I ever had was more than 20 years ago. Dreaded needles! I hate needles! Is it really necessary to go through this? I’ll do some googling when I get home.

The air is so hot today. Taxis are always such a furnace to travel in. But I rather go through this than being stuck in a crowded bus or metro. I can let my mind wonder without paying attention. And be scared once again. Calm down, Alexandra! Calm down! I’ll have this treatment done and then it’s over.

Right here is fine! Thank you, sir. How much is the ride? Here you go! Have a good day! Home at last! I’m safe… and sound! Maybe not so sound. Let’s see. Not so good, but we see.

Optic ne-u-ri-tis. There it is! Only 25% of the total cases turn out to have multiple sclerosis. I don’t have to have multiple sclerosis. It’s only an issue with my eyes. I want another opinion from my ophthalmologist though. We’ll see what she has to say and if I have to get that treatment done, I will. But part of me wants to get it done! Arghhh! Where’s that ashtray? Of course! It’s in the kitchen, where I left it! The smoke rises so fast. It’s such a beautiful day today! Damn it. I can’t even smoke this cigarette. What’s wrong with me?
Five hours later and the same thought goes on and on. Scary thought, crazy thought. Is there something really wrong going on? I like my life the way it is now. There’s the door opening. Dimi finally got home. I want a hug. A fat, big hug! “Hey, I missed you!”, “Missed you to! Hey! What a hug! Is everything alright? What did they tell you?”. I need air “I need five days of hospitalization.”

Coming to terms
I feel scared because I don’t know the source of the danger that makes me stress. I am facing the unknown, and as with all moments in life that we are dealing with a situation that we are not familiar with, we get anxious. I get anxious. I look for solutions, I try to get back to my comfort zone.

I don’t really need that treatment, do I? The eye problem will resolve itself like many others did in the past. I can trick my body into getting over this one to. Or maybe this time I can’t? The doctor said that I must do this if I don’t want any major problems. I need my eyes, I want my eyes back. Both of them. They all encourage me to do this. To get better and do this for myself. They want me to be well, to get it done and then resume life.

Finally I agree and start preparing for five days away from home. It’s only a small amount of time to lose as I get my sight to normal. It will be over in less than a week. There is no way around it. I have to go through this. I’m brave enough. I know I am.

Dimi is going to be by my side every day. He promised that. I know he means it. I love him so very much for that! Mum prepares snacks and water. Dad looks for a cab, and off we go to the hospital!

First night at the hospital
Such a quiet place! Such an alien place to be in. It’s like we’re on field trip. Like we’re visiting something. I’m safe. I’m with the people I love and who love me back.

This is a quiet E.R. to be in! That’s funny! Oh, wait! There’s an ambulance rushing in. My mistake! It’s not quiet, it’s quietER. Get it? QuietE.R…. Nevermind!

We now have to wait our turn to see the shift doctor. Ok, I’ll go get a coke from the vending machine. Mum is so anxious. Dad is quiet… Dimi is … Dimi is focused and making me laugh.

It’s our turn. I’ll go in alone. I want it that way. Nice doctors here. They treat you right. God! I’m checking in to get emergency treatment done, and all I can think is how nice the E.R. doctors are! That’s good! My moral is up. Up and away! Away to the hospital room that will house me for the following days.

Mum and dad stay a bit behind, Dimi comes with me and the assigned nurse. As I walk up the stairs I know that I am out of my comfort zone now! Way out! Breathe, don’t forget to breathe!

The room’s nice, airy and quiet. All here is so quiet. It’s a common room, and all of my roommates are old enough to be my mum or my grandma. That’s ok! I get along well with people. I’ve always known how to connect with them. I’m almost shy now, but I’ll get used to it. The things one has to get used to!

First blood tests. Here comes my best friend, the needle. Look away and breathe!

Mum comes in and tells me that dad went to the pharmacy to buy the treatment for the following days. He’ll be back soon. Oh, there he is! He’s smiling and telling me everything will be alright. I smile back but I’m scared. There’s this gut feeling again! Something’s wrong, dunno what, but it is!

Mum makes sure everything is in place and that I have all that I need. I tell her I’m fine. They say goodbye for the day. I can see mum almost crying. Dimi stays for a while longer. We go out on the hallway. He hugs me so tight that I can’t breathe for a moment. We kiss and I know that I am not alone in this. I know there’s a bond. We stay in the hug just a little bit longer. We make plans for the following day. He’ll be back here at 8 a.m. sharp! Yay! The hospital guard comes to tell us that is 8 p.m. and all visitors must leave. Dimi is leaving.

I turn my back to the stairs and go back to my bed to get changed. They said the treatment will begin in an hour. I go to the bathroom and put on my tights and a grey t-shirt. I’m comfortable. I feel safe. But I am alone. That’s allright! I’m a big girl! I can do this!

My roommates are actually ok. I was afraid that I would feel awkward. But they’re friendly and we share stories. I needed to talk. I needed to vent. They somehow feel the need to protect me. I’m the youngest one there. The’re all above 40 and I’m only 28. They all say that I’m going to be fine! “Such a young girl! You’ll finish treatment and it will all be over, dear!”.

Treatment is here, by the way. A nurse brought it in. She explains the proceedure and shows me the i.v., and then asks for my hand. I gasp for air. The needle gets in, and I can feel the medicine beginning to flow. I’m told to lie down in a comfortable position. The nurse is going to ckeck on me once in a while, to see if the i.v. is done.

Remember the nice E.R. doctor? He comes in and asks if everybody is ok. He particulary comes near me and asks if my mum was alright in the end. They talked and she cried. She got scared for me. “I told her that if you have optic neuritis, there are chances that it might be MS. But that’s not a rule. We’ll see. Are you alright with the i.v.?”.

My soul dropped. After the doctor left I called my parents. I asked them if they are alright. I once more heard the reassuring voice of my dad, who told me not to worry to much, because we got this and we’re gonna put up to it no matter what. To be strong and have a good night’s rest. We’ll see each other tomorrow.

Every journey begins with a small step
It’s now lights-out in the E.R. ward. I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of what has happened, and turn it inside-out. Of one thing I am certain: my sight is already getting better, treatment works. I learn to be patient and brave. I can do this! Day one is almost over. It’s 4 a.m. and the first i.v. is done. I turn on my side and slowly fade into sleep.

And so it begins...

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MetamorphosiS - ep. 2 - Breathe, just breathe!

The Visual Field Exam - 12:00 a.m.

It feels good to finally be able to sit in a ventilated room! Ahh, the joys of air conditioning! Hehe! Outside’s a burning hell. Joys of living in the city, it’s all boiling! Wait! They called my name!

- Miss Alexis Celic?
- Yes!
- Come with me, please. We will see you now. Have you ever had a visual field exam done before?
- No, this is my first time.
- OK, no problem then! You’ll have to wear this eye-patch. Which eye has issues… the right one. OK. Let’s cover it. Thaat’s right! Now put your chin over here, please… Like so, yes! And now try to stay still while flashing dots appear in front of your eye. Also try to push this button immediately as you see each dot. OK? Questions?
- It’s all very interesting. And I have only one single question: do I need to get ALL the dots right?
- The purpose of this test is to measure how accurate your vision is. Try to push the button as you see a dot, do not force it, but try to pay attention to their succession.
- OK, thank you. I’m so curious about how it will turn out. Let’s begin.

This looks kindda simple to do. No fuss about it. They’ll tell me that my eyes are tired. All that computer work took its toll. Hmmm… there are not so many dots appearing here. I’m kindda getting bored…. Oh, look! Down there! Lots of them… but close to none up here.

- OK, Alexis! We’re done with this eye, let’s do the other one to compare. Are you ready?
- Yes, let’s get it over with.

Hmm, this one is brighter. Ohh, loook! So many dots! Much more than on the other eye. I feels like I’m playing an arcade game.. or Counter Strike! Wait ‘till I tell Dimi that I trained for beating his ass! … I’m good at this. I could go on and ooon.. What? Finished? Already? Hehe!

- Alexis, we’re done. You can wait outside, and we will call you when your results are ready.
- So fast?
- Yes, we only need to print those out.
- OK, I’ll wait here then.

See? That was not that bad. First visual field exam ever! Hopefully the last too. … I so need a vacation! August seems so far away… tomorrow I’m back to work… and on and on… But then I’ll have two weeks off. Finally!.. And will…

- Alexis?...
- Yes, doctor!
- Here are your results, dear. But I must tell you, even if they turned out this way, you need not worry for all things can be treated. You should get these interpreted by your eye doctor.
- What do you mean “even if they turned out this way”? Is there something wrong?
- I cannot tell you that. The upper eye quadrant seems a little damaged, but it will all have a reason for why it is like this. Don’t be scared, dear!
- OK… Thank you!
- With pleasure!
- Have a good day!
- You too!

What was that all about? Half my eye is damaged? In what way? And why … Ohh, wait!  Let’s look at the results. The upper side of my right eye turned out black… aaand… the left is… is normal. What the hell?! This is not OK. Why I have the feeling this is gonna last a long time to be over with? Calm down, Alexis! Calm down! It’s all OK! You’ve had eye issues before and it all came out ok in the end…. It will all go away!

Enter the Neurologist  - 14:00 p.m.

I’m scared. Why am I so scared? It’s just a doctor’s appointment. He’ll probably tell me I’m alright and that I need to take better care of myself. It’s just nothing! But why do I feel that today something is going to be different? Look, my right eye seems to be better. Oh, wait! It’s not. Back to blurry again. What is taking so long? I’m getting anxious waiting here. I just want to get back home and relax. I’ve been up since 7 a.m.! Already done with my first appointment.. I just want it to be over! I’m hungr…

- Miss Celic?
- Yes! I’m over here.
- You can come in now.

So this is the neurologist that’s gonna see me. I’m curious. I’ve never been to a neurologist before. He’ll test my motor reflexes and stuff. That’s new. Let’s close this door.

- Have a seat, Miss Celic.
- Thank you!
- What seems to be the problem?
- My right eye is blurry. I just came from having my visual field exam.. Here are the results they gave me! (God, he’s so serious and mostly quiet… and me standing here with all this anxiety… calm down Alexis, calm down… )
- I see… Have you had this kind of problems before?
- Yes, but mostly they were all minor issues, tht went out relatively quick.
- Let’s have a look at you. Come over here and lay down!

He’s gonna test my reflexes, I know it. But then again, he’s not that talkative.. I would have wanted to ask him a few things. I have quite a few questions…

- What can I say.. You are all right.
- I’m glad to hear that!
- The only issue we have is the right eye. Tell me, how well can you see this color?
- Rrrred! it’s a dark red… The sensation I get is like I have a grey foil on my eye, and that distorts colors. It desaturates them a little.
- Do you see it grey or red?
- 50% - 50%... it depends. This morning my sight was a bit better, but now I think I am tired.  I never payed attention at how I saw colors.
- You see, this is exactly the problem. You say you had this issue for… how many days now?
- Ahmm.. about 3-4 days.
- And it’s never happened before?
- Not like this, no.
- Let me ask you something. Do you know what Multiple Sclerosis is?
- I’ve read something, but I honestly don’t know much about it.
- It’s a neurological chronic disease. It’s uncurable, but nowadays we can treat it. There are ways that you can live with it and have little to no issues. I’m not saying you have it, but optic neuritis is one of the first symptoms in about 25% of the cases. You should be aware of this possibility. What I recommend, as you only have one pair of eyes, is that you should be hospitalised for 3 to 5 days, and be treated intravenuously with 1000 ml of corticosteroids a day. The hospital is five minutes away from here. You go there, check in and have your treatment.

Hospital? Needles? Intravenous??? Hell NO! How did it come to this?! Why now?

- But… But my family doesn’t know that I’m going there. I have no clothes, no nothing. I need to get home first and prepare. I will consider going tomorrow.
- It’s your call. But if I was in your place I would go today to start my treatment. The longer you postpone treatment, the dangerous it will be for your eyes’s health. I’ll say it again, you only have two eyes. Getting quick treatment or waiting for the problem to worsen is all your decision.
- Of course I want to get better and take care of my eyes. I not only need them for seeing, but for my photography as well.
- It’s up to you. Go home, prepare, but go have your treatment. It’s the best thing you could do in your case. Do you have any more questions?
- No, thank you doctor!
- Glad I could help you.
- Thank you again! Goodbye!
- Goodbye and lots of health!

Deeeeeep breath, Alex, deeeep breeaaath! It’s all OK. It has to be. What will I tell mum and dad? And Dimi? … Breathe….just breathe! Let’s call dad.

- Dad? Are you home? … I need to tell you something!

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MISCARE SM - ep. 2 - Exercitii pentru maini si picioare

Ca regula generala, preventia este mai buna decat tratarea. Pe termen lung, e mai eficient sa preintampini o eventuala deficienta motorie decat sa fii nevoit sa o tratezi. Iar cand scleroza multipla intra in ecuatie, aceasta regula trebuie sa devina lege.

Este foarte posibil ca la un moment sau altul sa te fii confruntat cu slabiciune sau lipsa de coordonare in unul din cele patru membre. Ai scapat lucruri din mana sau te-ai impiedicat in proprii papuci de casa.

Creierul functioneaza pe principiul selectivitatii, alegandu-si cele mai necesare conexiuni neuronale dintre toate cele disponibile, pentru a face fata vietii de zi cu zi. Daca in urma diagnosticului de SM te-ai speriat si ai inceput sa eviti efortul fizic, miscarea in general, sfatul nostru este sa reincepi sa iti antrenezi corpul. SM-ul este o mare profitoare (da, la genul feminin, pentru ca i se spune “scleroza”, nu “scleroz”)! Atunci cand devii sedentar, muschii isi pierd din capacitatea de a rezista solicitarilor, ajungand pana in punctul in care au nevoie de asistenta, de elemente de suport artificiale. Scopul tau este acela de a creste rezistenta corpului in general, si  a membrelor in particular. Despre acest lucru va vorbim in articolul de azi.

Este important sa tii cont de stadiul in care te afli, din punct de vedere al abilitatii de a exersa. Astfel, daca ai slabiciune cauzata de lipsa antrenamentului, poti exersa folosind si greutati de 1-2 kg. Insa daca aceasta slabiciune este aparuta in urma unei recidive (puseu) care ti-a afectat capacitatea de a misca normal acea parte a corpului, iti recomandam sa te concentrezi pe intarirea treptatata a dexteritatii si sa eviti deocamdata ganterele, pentru ca iti poti face mai mult rau decat bine. Trebuie sa iti acorzi timp pentru a te vindeca. Incepe cu exercitii mici, carora sa le cresti treptat intensitatea. Exerseaza usor miscarea muschilor din jurul zonei care prezinta sensibilitatea, pentru a dezvolta o mai buna sustinere. Cu timpul vei ajunge sa poti antrena si forta.

Inainte de inceperea oricarui program de exercitii, te rugam sa consulti medicul sau un fizioterapeut care sa identifice care sunt cele mai sigure miscari in functie de starea ta de sanatate. Tine minte faptul ca exercitiile sunt facute pentru a-ti reda starea de bine, nu pentru a te pune in dificultate sau a-ti provoca eventuale neplaceri.

Partea superioara a corpului

Iti propunem cateva exercitii pentru intarirea musculaturii si cresterea flexibilitatii mainilor.

1. Flexarea / extensia degetelor:

Scopul exercitiului: realizarea a trei seturi de cate 10-15 repetari pentru fiecare mana in parte. Porneste de la un set de 10-15 repetari pe zi pentru fiecare mana, apoi creste numarul pana la trei seturi pe zi.

Ce trebuie sa faci:
  • indoaie degetele spre podul palmei, ca si cum ai strange pumnul
  • indreapta-le, intinzand palma
  • repeta cu cealalta mana
  • BONUS: pentru a creste rezistenta, tineti in mana o minge de cauciuc moale, sau una speciala pentru exercitii de acest tip.

    2.    Abductia / aductia degetelor:

Scopul exercitiului: realizarea a 10-15 repetitii de doua ori pe zi (dimineata si seara),  incepand de la doar trei-cinci repetitii in fiecare zi, si crescand progresiv pana la numarul propus.

Ce trebuie sa faci:
  • indreapta toate degetele, intinzand palma
  • rasfira degetele, apoi lipeste-le
  • repeta cu cealalta mana
  • BONUS: pentru a adauga rezistenta, foloseste o banda elastica in jurul degetelor atunci cand sunt inchise. Ai grija sa nu fie prea stramta, ci doar sa nu alunece.

  3. Ciupituri cu degetele:

Scopul exercitiului: antrenarea dexteritatii si a palmei; repeta de 3-5 ori pentru fiecare mana, crescand treptat pana la 10-15 repetari pe zi pentru ambele maini.

Ce trebuie sa faci:
  • ai nevoie de un prosop / baton de plastilina, pe care il vei modela in cilindru (tub)
  • folosind degetul mare si cel aratator, ciupeste de-a lungul tubului, de la un capat la celalalt;
  • repeta si cu cealalta mana;
  • BONUS: pentru antrenarea palmei, utilizeaza si degetul mijlociu, realizand aceeasi miscare de-a lungul tubului.

  4. Exercitii cu orez / nisip:

Scopul exercitiului: cresterea fortei si rezistentei mainilor; repeta de 3-5 ori pentru fiecare mana, crescand apoi pana la 10-15 repetari pe zi.

Ce trebuie sa faci?
  • goleste o punga de orez / nisip intr-o oala / galeata
  • introdu mainile in aceasta, apoi inchide-le si deschide-le usor, in diverse pozitii:
  • palmele una in fata celeilalte;
  • palmele una cu spatele la cealalta;
  • palmele indreptate catre corp;
  • palmele in directia opusa corpului;
  • BONUS: invarte ambele maini in directia acelor de ceasornic, apoi in sens invers.

   5. Maini de pianist:

Scopul exercitiului: exersarea dexteritatii si rezistentei mainilor. Repeta de 10-15 ori fiecare miscare, initial pornind de la 3-5 repetitii pe zi.

Ce trebuie sa faci?
  • stai pe un scaun, cu fata la un birou / o masa;
  • aseaza palmele cu fata in jos, pe marginea biroului / mesei (antebratele trebuie sa atarne usor in jos);
  • ridica degetele unul cate unul, ca si cum ai canta la pian
Exercitiul este minunat pentru cei care chiar au acces la un pian sau la o jucarie similara a copilului. Poti exersa / invata partituri noi, sau te poti  juca cu cel / cea mica in timp ce iti exersezi dexteritatea.
  • BONUS: misca mainile de la stanga la dreapta si inapoi de-a lungul claviaturii (imaginare sau reale), de 2-3 ori per set de repetitii.

6. Masaj si relaxare:
Scopul exercitiului: reprezinta exersare in timp ce te relaxezi. Repeta de cate ori simti nevoia.

Ce trebuie sa faci?
  • maseaza fiecare deget in parte, ajuti la ameliorarea senzatiilor de amorteala si intepaturi;
  • alege un joc de carti sau modeleaza plastilina, cladeste turnulete din monede, alternand mainile;
  • tasteaza la calculator (converseaza cu prietenii sau incepe un blog despre propria experienta SM)

Partea inferioara a corpului

Trei pozitii de yoga, de la cel mai usor nivel pana la unul mai complex, care sa te ajute sa castigi mobilitate, flexibilitate si forta in picioare si in intreg corpul. Este foarte important sa stai relaxat in pozitii si sa respiri profund. Citeste mai jos despre ce este vorba.

  1. Nivel de dificultate: usor

  • Muntele (Tadasana)

Stai pe scaun si gaseste echilibrul corpului in oasele sezutului si talpi. Indreapta coloana si ridica trunchiul. Mentine umerii relaxati si indreapta omoplatii incet spre coloana. Asaza mainile pe coapse. Stai pe loc, respira si fii atent la ce simti in corp. Ajusteaza pozitia astfel incat sa te simti confortabil. Apoi, in timp ce inspiri, ridica incet bratul stang deasupra capului, sau cat de mult esti capabil, mentinand degetele orientate in sus. Daca e nevoie, sustine bratul cu mana dreapta. In timp ce expiri, coboara incet bratul stang. Repeta miscarea, ridicand bratul drept. Apoi ridica-le pe amandoua simultan. Pauza, respira si observa din nou cum se simte corpul tau. Poti face exercitiul de cate ori simti ca este nevoie.

  • Aplecare de la mijloc (Uttanasana)

Din pozitia (asana) anterioara, in timp ce iti sprijini  mainile de marginea scaunului, inspira adanc si ridica trunchiul, alungind coloana. In timp ce expiri, apleca-te in fata, indoindu-te din dreptul soldurilor mentinand spatele drept (pentru o mai buna identificare a zonei, pune mainile in nisa dintre abdomen si picior, apoi apleca-te in fata). Ramai in aceasta pozitie. Inspira extinzand aplecarea, expira relaxand muschii. La urmatoarea inspiratie, avand spatele drept, intoarce-te la pozitia de start. Pauza, respira si observa reactiile corpului. Repeta daca doresti.

  • Rasucire (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Stai pe un scaun, inspira si alungeste-ti coloana. Expira in timp ce te intorci usor spre stanga, prinzandu-te cu mainile de spatrul scaunului. Inspira si mentine pozitia. Expira si revino in pozitia de start. Observa cum reactioneaza corpul la aceasta miscare. Repeta pe partea dreapta.

Nivel de dificultate: mediu

  • Muntele (Tadasana)

Stai in spatele scaunului cu spatele langa sau sprijinit de un perete. Mainile stau pe langa corp sau pe speteaza scaunului. Sprijina-te in talpi, ridicand incet restul corpului. Simte cum coloana se inalta. Relaxeaza umerii, aducandu-i usor catre spate, ajutandu-te de omoplati. Stai nemiscat, respira si observa ce simte corpul tau. Inspira si ridica bratul stang deasupra capului, mentinand degetele orientate in sus. Sprijina-te cu mana dreapta de spatarul scaunului. In timp ce expiri, coboara usor bratul stang. Repeta miscarea, ridicand bratul drept. Expira,  coboara incet bratul, apoi ridica-le pe amandoua in timp ce inspiri profund. La urmatoarea expiratie, coboara incet ambele brate. Pauza, respira normal si observa cum se simte corpul. Poti repeta exercitiul de cate ori doresti, evitand epuizarea.

  • Aplecare de la mijloc (Uttanasana)

Stai in spatele scaunului, cu mainile sprijinite de spatarul acestuia. Inspira profund si ridica  trunchiul in sus, extinzand incet coloana. In timp ce expiri, fa 2-3 pasi in spate, spre perete, astfel incat sa te poti apleca in fata, mentinand atat capul cat si umerii la acelasi nivel cu soldurile. Peretele este aproape de corp. La urmatoarea inspiratie, paseste in fata pentru a te ridica inapoi in pozitia de start. Pauza, respira si observa reactiile corpului. Repeta daca doresti.

  • Rasucire (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Ai nevoie de o patura. Stai pe spate cu ambii genunchi indoiti si talpile pe podea. Intinde-ti maninile in lateral, mentinandu-le la nivelul umerilor, cu palmele orientate in jos. Adu-ti umerii spre spate, incercand sa unesti omoplatii in dreptul coloanei, inspira si lungeste coloana. Expira si rasuceste genunchii in partea stanga, sprijinindu-i pe patura. Intoarce capul si priveste spre dreapta. Respira si mentine pozitia 2-3 respiratii. La urmatoarea expiratie, adu genunchii si capul inapoi la centru. Repeta pentru partea dreapta. Observa ce se intampla cu corpul tau si cum te simti.

Nivel de dificultate: crescut

  • Muntele (Tadasana)

Stai intre scaun si perete, cu fata catre spatar. Sprijina-te in talpi, ridicand incet trunchiul. Ca la exercitiile aterioare, relaxeaza umerii si adu omoplatii incet catre coloana. Ambele brate sunt momentan pe langa corp. Inspira si ridica incet bratul stang, avand degetele orientate in sus. Mentine bratul stang ridicat si la urmatoare inhalare, ridica-l incet si pe cel drept. Mentine pozitia timp de 2-3 respiratii daca acest lucru este posibil pentru tine. Poti repeta de cate ori doresti, dar evita epuizarea.

  • Aplecare de la mijloc (Uttanasana)

Stai intre scaun si perete, cu fata la spatar. Fixeaza-te in talpi. In timp ce inspiri, ridica trunchiul si bratele. Expira incet si apleaca-te in fata, intinzandu-te din dreptul soldurilor in timp ce pastrezi spatele drept. Adu mainile pe spatarul scaunului. Inspira si intinde-te incet, dinspre maini spre solduri. Peretele este mai departe de corp. Expira in timp ce te relaxezi in cadrul pozitiei. La urmatoarea inspiratie, mentinand spatele drept si mainile de-o parte si de cealalta a capului, revino la pozitia de start. Expira si coboara mainile pe langa corp. Pauza, respira si observa cum reactioneaza corpul. Repeta daca doresti.

  • Rasucire (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Stai pe spate cu genunchiul stang indoit, in timp ce piciorul drept ramane intins. Intinde-ti maninile in lateral, mentinandu-le la nivelul umerilor, cu palmele orientate in jos. Adu-ti umerii spre spate, incercand sa unesti omoplatii in dreptul coloanei, inspira si lungeste coloana. Expira si rasuceste genunchiul stang in partea dreapta, sprijinindu-l pe patura. Intoarce capul si priveste spre dreapta. Respira si mentine pozitia 2-3 respiratii. La urmatoarea expiratie, adu genunchiul si capul inapoi la centru. Repeta pentru partea dreapta. Observa ce se intampla cu corpul tau si cum te simti.

In loc de incheiere

Toate cele prezentate mai sus nu fac durerea sau amorteala sa dispara ca prin minune, dar prin intinderi si exercitii, ajutam o mai buna circulatie sangvina, lucru care faciliteaza miscarea si relaxeaza zonele incordate, ajutandu-te sa ai un tonus mai bun si o mai mare incredere in fortele proprii. In ritmul acesta, SM-ul nu are nicio sansa!

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