METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 24 - I Respect | SMart Choice Lifestyle

When was the last time you really felt like yourself? When did you connect to your inner core, to that playful, joyful, child-like energy that you thought to be gone as you grew up? It always comes back to you when you're emotionally and mentally balanced, when you're free of negativity.

It's similar to getting back to a really good mood that you feel like yourself again, ready to conquer anything. And you have that deep breathing and slight dumb smile on your face. Face it, we all have it. It's OK to have it. As kids we did more than that, we laughed our hearts out, we poured them onto the table. That was before we learned they can get broken.

Show some respect to your own heart. Like you would do to an old and dear friend, show it some love and appreciation for where it brought you. It went to war for you, had disappointments, fear, anger, skipped a beat. All that for you to be able to live the way you wanted at that time.

The true nature of our hearts is to be good, to show love, to make us compassionate and helping. To show gratitude and mercy. To correct injustice, to make people around us happy and filled with joy. It's greatest aim is to merge with the divine. And what more can we do to this world before that moment, rather that love it fully, completely and without expecting anything in return.

Respect the hearts in other people too. They might have gone through harder times still. Treat anyone you meet with compassion, with kindness. Nowadays people are bruised, cynical, fearfull and disconnected. But a good heart will always make them think. Hopefully it will make them ask questions. Ideally, their own enclosed hearts will begin to shatter the wall they've built up. 

Respect is nothing but a big admiration for other's achievements, abilities or qualities. Respect is a form of love. Love for others, love for yourself.

That is all for today's article. If you want to know more about HOW to begin the process of respecting your heart, let me know in the comments below.

As always, transformation happens from within.

Have a wonderful day,

METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 23 - I Surrender | SMart Choice Lifestyle

Some time ago you got scared of being emotionally hurt. You were afraid of showing your vulnerability and kept it locked inside you. That didn't allow you to be put in any vulnerable situation, where you depended on other's acceptance, mercy or attention. You fought back whenever that happened. You were getting way to cautious.

Until you understand that sensibility is in fact a strength that allows you to deeper understand and empathize with people and the world around you. You understand that all this time you were just blocking your natural way of being: compassionate, warm, giving, in fear of what others will say or do. Who cares?

Nobody looks that closely at you... not so much time anyway. We are all self-focused. We only hear others out, take them into account when they make it personal, when it involves us. Either through love or hate, we are activated by what others throw at us. Hate and anger made us close in the first time around. How about opening our hearts and give some kindness and compassion instead?

So, another two lessons here: want to involve people in your cause? Make them care, establish a connection. Want everyone to leave you alone? Stop reacting to them, interrupt that connection.

Stop resisting to what you feel inside. Give your heart the power to make your life brighter. Allow yourself to give parts of you to others. It feels wonderful to make people smile. It's humbling to find out that you've motivated someone to not give up and move onwards with life. You might cry in either one of these moments, but surrender to that to. It's authentic.

Feel free to be your own self. This world has to many masks going on already. A mask, a standardized human being never amazed anyone. Surrender to your true self. Surrender to being alive and living the best life you can possibly offer to the world around you.

That is all for today's article. If you want to know more about HOW to begin the process of surrendering, let me know in the comments below.

As always, transformation happens from within.

Have a wonderful day,

METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 22 - I Am Focused | SMart Choice Lifestyle

The fireplace has always been a central focal point of every home or community for ages. It brought heat, food and a means to socialize and tell stories. At its root, the term "focus" literally means "domestic heath" (domestic fireplace floor). To focus means to pay particular attention to something or someone. 

When you're blocking out everything else and concentrating on just one thing, you know that you're focused. What happens when you're so into doing something that you become oblivious of all other stuff around you? Time flies by.

Focus compresses time. When you're caught up in experiencing / doing a certain activity, you understand that all things are relative, given the situation you find yourself in at a certain moment.

It's all a matter of perspective, of how you perceive what's happening. It's a matter of how you choose to see your reality. In this particular situation, we talk about time, but the relativity applies to how you define a situation to be real, how you picture it to be, to what emotions, beliefs or actions you associate to it. It's all about what choices you're making.

We can't make every decision right, but we can train to get the majority of them done the smart way. Be aware of your feelings, actions, consequences and surroundings. Get informed, ask questions and then focus on doing things right. Focus on bringing more good into this world.

You have your very own fireplace inside you. It's the place from which every emotion pours out of you when you feel, the place you feel broken when you get rejected or get the impression that you don't belong. That inner fireplace is your heart. With every beat it tells your story, it gathers your experiences. 

We all have an infinite amount of love inside. For others and most importantly for ourselves. You might not be aware of this yet, but love is in your heart. Your self-confidence might be low, but you still care about yourself and what happens to you. Take time to go deeper. Take time to focus. You'll be surprised of how much you actually keep locked inside.

It's a different process for everyone, it might take longer or happen very quickly. The main idea here is to start. Come back to your inner fireplace. To your inner focus. Then write down what happened. It will be your most cherished memory, I promise you!

That is all for today's article. If you want to know more about HOW to begin the process of inner focusing, let me know in the comments below.

As always, transformation happens from within.

Have a wonderful day,

METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 21 - I Enjoy | SMart Choice Lifestyle

To enjoy means to like what you're experiencing. To feel joy and to be at ease. To give joy to others. When the mind is wondering and stressed, you're basically not there, not in the moment. That leads to automatizing your actions, which in turn don't give you any joy, getting you frustrated pretty quickly.

We all get that tendency of doing things a certain way, not because our lives depend on it, but because that's what is expected of us. Expectations are (most of the time) the root of getting disappointed. In a world so diverse, projecting a subjective (wanted) outcome onto situations and people you cannot control paves the way to getting hurt.

Of course you can still trust people and situations and predict their actions and outcomes in relation to you. I'm just saying that it's often best to allow space for flexibility and adaptation. The world around us is constantly changing. Grabbing hold of only a certain point of view can be damaging.

Situations have multiple versions and different outcomes that not always depend on your input. Accepting that is the first step you can do to have more ease and peace of mind. Humans are adaptable creatures, you are able to get passed something unexpected. You get better at it with time, true; but the real insight here is that you are able to do it!

There can even be thoughts of giving up your activity, because you are not getting what you want from it. Here's what I think you can do. Take time for yourself. Let all thoughts and worries melt away. 

Begin moving your body, stretch it out. Let go of judging that you're stiff, tight or unable to do x or y things. Focus on what is available to you at this time and find joy in that. Like what you do. Breathe. 

Find what makes you feel good in that moment, what gives you the satisfaction of getting a thing done well, not what keeps you from doing it perfectly. Life is not about perfectionism, but about finding the imperfections, about finding how and why you react a certain way when you can or can't do a certain thing. It's all part of a process.

It's about ups and downs. Basically, it's a rollercoaster. Remember what I said about trusting the outcome (click HERE)? Keep at it, have faith. Do your best and see how it all turns out. You'll be surprised on how different each moment will be.

As always, transformation starts from within.

Have the most wonderful day!