How Much Do You Really Own In Life?

You start with nothing. Your coming into this world is without any possessions, relationships or knowledge. As you develop through the five senses, imitating others and interacting with your environment, you gain insight about what means to be human and to have something. Anything.
All that you own is taken from someone, either through learning, gifting or buying. All that you know has been known by someone before you. All that you think and imagine is made out of pieces of many other minds that were taught by others in their turn and so on.

So, how much do you really own?

The only thing that is completely yours is the moment you are in now. It is entirely lived by you, populated by your thoughts and feelings, by your breath and body’s presence. Your eyes move left to right while reading this article and you wonder why I wrote this.
Answering that is simple. I came to the idea that all the material stuff you have don’t mean or value anything by themselves. They are only valuable as you invest time, emotion and usability into them. Without your input, those objects are bare. Pure hollow.
What’s a smartphone without the picture you took today just after lunch? What’s your home without people to share it with? What’s a TV if there’s nothing that you would like to watch? What are clothes without the person wearing them putting putting them into a new light by that big smile?
You tend to invest time, effort and emotion in inanimate objects more than you do in relationships and even in yourself. There’s always something that catches your attention, that needs our input, that needs your energy. Given the world you live in, these kind of things are important, but frankly, not vital.

Being a social robot

Of course you need to adapt, to become an useful part of society, a productive asset. But these are all hollow things. You could say that you enjoy working, and going daily to your office, chatting with colleagues. OK, agree! What do you mostly chat about? The meaning of relationships or a new deadline?
Work gives you purpose as objects give you satisfaction of money well spent, of having stuff that fit your needs and / or social status. These are all great. I have them to. But do they make me happy on the long term? No. Do they enrich my life in more than a technical way? No. They’re just means to a purpose.
Having stuff, a job and a social condition are just illusions. Man made elements, as to make you fit in the pattern of today’s society. Nothing more, nothing less. Inside you there is a void. You may not feel it right away. But you are having moments when life seems without a purpose. It’s boring!

Being a real person

As a human being, not having meaningful relationships, true happy moments and a loving bunch of people to share them with you are void. You are just a machine. When was the last time you really took time for yourself? No, not you! That true self, the one that fell asleep when you grew up.
We are all still kids inside. We learned how things go, we know what, when and why to do things, we make things happen for others and… what? What do we keep from that? There are so many things to discover still, and you joke around in your cubicle daydreaming about the life you’ll lead in the next vacation or when you’ll retire. Good luck then!
The whole trick with life is to actually live it. And do that the way you want to, WHILE working hard for it. Your life does not begin after 6pm! Think about it! Your whole adult life spent fulfilling other person’s dream. Making money for others, while you get only a certain percentage of it.
And now you’re probably asking “What do you want me to do?”. I advise you to think about what you want, what you need in life, what your dreams are. Write them down. Divide them into smaller steps, and then into actionable steps that you can take monthly, weekly, daily.
Just to feel safe, hold on to your 9-to-5 job for a little while longer. When your dream is catching shape, gradually let go. Start working again. But this time for yourself. Fill the void. Really own your life, your goals and your dreams.
Step by step, those inanimate objects will become full with meaning, they will become full of memories. And you know why? Because your life is meaningful. And not only to you, but to your loved ones.

Just pause for a moment and think: how much do you really own?

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