Time Well Spent. How to Achieve Your Potential Even With a Chronic Illness

There comes a day when time shifts. When you begin measuring a new year in terms of years starting at the time of your diagnosis. It’s more of a subconscious feeling, as the days still go by as they used to. But something changed and your time seems to flow a little different. A little quicker.
Not long ago, you were still thinking you’ll have time for everything. And technically, you still do. It’s the fear that speeds you up. The uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. The unpredictability of multiple sclerosis. You begin to rush, trying to do all and do it as fast as possible. But you get stressed. Anxiety and unease are one of the main triggers of feeling unwell when you have MS.
Instead of wanting to do it all at once, focus on the most important things. Prioritize and set goals. Choose three areas that you want to live, improve or specialize in. Do those, and do them well. It’s better to be the best at something  than to be mediocre at many. Plus it involves less stress.
Create a schedule and work daily to achieve mastery in those three main areas of your life. Of course, you’ll have secondary goals as well, but it’s important to keep focus on the main ones and challenge yourself each day to do something more, or something new about them.
As for myself, I also had a tough choice to make, as I have many things that interest me. But after taking my time and thinking about what really gets me moving and motivated, I made my choice:
  • I will become the portrait photographer I always wanted to be;
  • I will daily develop my yoga practice;
  • I will write at the best of my capabilities every single day, even if I don’t blog anything.
It’s the daily hustle that matters most. It’s the little things you do to get over the limits you thought you have. It’s the daily routine that makes you achieve mastery in the areas of your choice. And most of all, be kind to yourself. Accept the point where you are at now and develop from that.
I know multiple sclerosis is scary and you feel your time is limited, but trust me, the effort will pay off. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Doing your best every day makes you achieve the best possible outcome for you. Become who you really are, not what society made you believe you are.
Design your time. Fill it with things that matter to you. Develop your skills and show them to the world. Make a statement out of your MS struggle. It’s the best you can do in this life.

Yours truly,

P.S. It’s your turn! Did time change for you and how did you manage this situation? Tell me all about it a comment bellow. I am curious to hear your version on the topic. Thank you for reading!