#SMartWednesday - October 2015 Monthly Learnings & Blog Statistics

Hi there! Missed talking to you since last week! I’m back with #SMartWednesday. Starting with this October, at the end of each month, I write all about what my experiences were, what did I learn and let you in on stats of the ‪#‎SMartChoiceMS‬social media platforms. Let’s dig into it!

Experiences & Growth

October has been an interesting month for me as I discovered so many new things and correlated with like-minded people, in real life and/or via social media. This goes for both SMart Choice issues, as well as for personal ones. It's a very fulfilling and changing experience to have.

Quieting the mind even more  through meditation has made me a more focused and more in depth-view kind of person. It has reconnected me to my inner spark and helped me face and come to terms with most of my fears and anxieties. But not be fooled! This has been an ongoing process for over a year now, and I am just begining to scratch the surface. Nonetheless, I like what I’m finding on a daily basis.

I understood my WHY in doing all that I do. I know! Pretty deep stuff, huh? In fact it’s very simple and could happen to you too. I just looked deep inside myself and understood the reason that has always made me tick. The one thing that was always a part of me, no matter what was the type of thing I was doing at a certain moment in life. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. There were several ones which appeared. I will talk more about that this Friday, on #LifestyleFriday.

Lessons Learned

Pay attention to the five people you surround yourself with (in real life/online/dead/alive). You are the average of those individuals. It will reflect in your ideas and your point of view. It does change your world view and the way you connect to reality, in time influencing the way you evolve or decline along the way.

I kept my brain active and searched for ways to give back to all of you (show gratitude) and how I can be of assistance. I tried to remain humble and listen to your story instead of constantly telling mine. We’re on a social relationship and it’s a win-win situation.

Being social and connected with likeminded people can truly make a difference. I know that many of you are visiting SMart Choice Lifestyle via a desktop computer. Some of you could have difficulties getting outside or perhaps you are to busy to network in real life.

That’s what social networks were created for. Go online, engage, get into discussions with peers. There is nothing more rewarding than talking to people who understand what you’re going through or that are into the same things as you are.

If you are a young MSer, newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, there’s no better place for you to be than on shift.ms. It has been my hub from the first month I found out I had MS, and the people there have helped me tremendously. Go check it out!

You have to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate. Even if it’s through tears.

Stats & Social

October looked pretty interesting in terms of statistics and social media engagement. I put aside my innate introversion and really got engaged with people on social. And the most wonderful thing happened: you began to respond and did what human beings always have done. Communicate. Be curious. Support an idea if it resonated with you.

That translated into a overall growth for SMart Choice, compared to the previous month.
The blog had 448 unique visitors, of which entirely new ones made up 41% of the total.

You spent an average of 4 minutes / session, with an average of 3 pages / session.

The demographics showed that during this month, you were 100% female, with ages between 35-54. Is that true? Raise your hands if you’re not from this interval.

The top 3 places from which you guys visited SMart Choice were: Romania, UK and the USA. Followed by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland and Spain. Thank you all for visiting!

Socials looked like this: Facebook - 40 likes, Twitter - 86 followers, Instagram - 42 followers. This numbers are reached this month, and reflect the whole eight months since starting the blog.

Most of the traffic was sourced through Facebook, followed by shift.ms and last but not least by Twitter. Instagram did not bring any traffic whatsoever. I’m working on posting more interesting content, so that you can receive more value through what I give.

This was all for this week’s #SMartWednesday! Thank you for reading and if you would like to receive my next articles right into your mail, subscribe to SMart Choice Lifestyle by filling your email adress in the box on the upper right. Join my SMart Warriors list to receive access to Premium content and many more!

Have a most wonderful day!