#LifestyleFriday - October 2015 Monthly Favorites & Inspirational Findings

Well hello there! Welcome to a special #LifestyleFriday. Today I am rounding up all of my favorite things and inspirational findings that have influenced me during this October.


A Pair of Apps

Let’s get into today’s topic by saying that as I’m writing this I’m listening to the rain. Is it cloudy in Bucharest? No. I’m using my Calm app. I discovered it in one of Mimi Ikonn’s videos, where she was mentioning it for relaxation purposes and/or meditation. So I looked it up, downloaded it and I simply love it! Natural sounds, relaxing sounds, meditation timers/routines and many more. You get a few predetermined sounds and functions, but can add more if you wish, either by downloading or by upgrading to Premium version. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Instagram addict? Guilty! I created my profile in late July this year and since then, it has come to the point that this October it got my full atention and involvement. I find it to be very helpful in raising awareness for what this blog is all about. People get to see the behind-the-scenes of the smart healthy lifestyle I believe I can help you with. It makes the things I write be more relatable and… social. I recommend it for raising awareness, building your business or showing off your personal brand.

On to the next thing!

Movement & Exercise

I’ve been doing vinyasa yoga for over a year now, and I can totally see how much I progressed. This is a type of yoga that emphasizes flowing from one move to the next, concentrating on the synchronicity between move and breath. Things got easier with each day, and I needed more challenge.

And so I tried my first Power Yoga session. As all my yoga training, I also did this online, via my teacher Adriene (YouTube channel - Yoga With Adriene), in the comfort of my own home. I said to myself that if I can’t do this, there’s no problem. Just see how it goes. After 45 minutes I was so happy that tears got into my eyes. I had suceeded not only in doing it, but also completing the practice.

For those of you who are not familiar with Power Yoga, let me tell you it’s actually quite hard. The movements are swift and you get out of breath pretty quickly. You have to relax, tell yourself you’re going to do it, breathe deep, go with the flow and when you least expect it your practice is over. I totally encourage you to challenge your strenght. Slowly, at your own pace, but do it daily, and soon enough you will see results.


The next topic I want to talk to you about is books and inspirational people. This month has been quite serendipitous in that aspect and has lead me to quite impressive finds from my point of view. Being such an independent spirit, I have always been interested in that kind of individuals that I can resonate with, that have that special kind of drive and that create wonderful things by questioning and challenging the status-quo of our society. The ones that stand up for what they believe in, work hard and are on a world-changing mission, on a world-improvement mission. I simply love that! I honestly do!

I act on intuition and insight and I truly believe that things appear in our lives at a certain time, a certain place and with a defined purpose. There are lessons to be learned, and we experience them through these serendipitous moments, where one thing leads to another and it all makes sense inside your core.

October’s Matrioshka-Like Teachers

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I must be more than ready, because this month I had seven teachers pop out almost from nowhere. Starting from late September and through this entire month, I have found or remembered the following teachers: Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki, Chase Jarvis, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk and Lewis Howes. I wrote them in the order of appearance. The process of finding them resembles opening a Matrioshka doll: one lead to another, and another, and so on.

Summarizing all of the things these guys helped me understand and learn about myself is close to saying they put a mirror in my face and showed me what I might have forgotten through the years.

I remember now. I am a storyteller. Let’s talk about that for a bit.

What Have I Learned and a Few of My Beliefs
I believe in the fact that this world can be changed for the better, there are so many opportunities arrising every moment, day and night. The world is getting more connected than ever, the people find more and more kindered spirits and the ones who put up the work on a daily basis, live up to see their dreams come true.

Human beings are so resilient and so strong. I aim to help people change for the better using love, smarts and relationships, all summed up into life stories. With words or through photographs, or even both.  I aim to find that inner spark and light it on fire. We all have it. Don’t crush it even you’re crying and feeling helpless. It will pass.

The world is becoming a more social place than usual. People are once again forming tribes, but based on their similarities, not so much on their proximity. This world needs leaders that show the way, that open new opportunities and help through teaching. We are all beings lead by emotions and insights, some more than others. The leaders are ourselves. We can all lead. Lead this world to a better place.

We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves and the lifestyle we have. I believe that we have it in us to be better, smarter, kinder. I believe that we first have to like ourselves, we first have to discover what we really want and go act on it. We all have our “why”s. Translate those into actionable, real plans and do something for them daily. All positive things will prevail, all that is bad will fall off in the end. That is my belief. But it takes work!


If you are not yet familiar with the Monthly Trilogy I’m creating, I’ll explain it briefly. On the last week of every month I will post three reviews concerning experiences and lessons learned (#SMartWedesday), my multiple sclerosis status, health tips and a quick recipe or life hack (#HealthyThursday) and my monthly favorites together with inspirational findings (#LifestyleFriday).

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Have a most wonderful day!