So nice of you to stop by! Hi, my name is Denisa and this is my digital home. A place where I write about health, creativity and lifestyle choices.

Being a creative person, I focus my attention on how can I help others like me to make the best decisions for their life, how to stand true to themselves and become more self-aware in a world that aims making us all the same.


It all started because I wanted to help young people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) not feel alone or misunderstood after diagnosis. I wanted to give information, motivate and hopefully inspire them to push through, get transformed, accept the changes and continue living their best life, in spite of MS.

I began my blog mostly by writing articles for newly diagnosed, young MSers** who are smart, interested in developing their life, career, self-awareness, but it was not limited to them. I wrote about how a healthy lifestyle based on smart choices can benefit all people that are interested on the topic.

But what IS multiple sclerosis, you might ask. I've written more about this HERE. Feel free to ask further questions if you wish more details. (**MSers= short naming for people who are living with multiple sclerosis)

Since going through a transformational period, I now aim to share life bits and pieces and empower young people to become the best version of themselves while being independent, free, creative and making smart choices that best suit the lifestyle they dream about. Empower them to be their best self, have the best career and relationships.

I believe in education, creativity, kindness, curiosity, collaboration, authenticity and integrity, all sprinkled with a considerable amount of fun and loving what I do.

Here you'll find resources that help you shift the way you look at things, the stories that aim to push you forward. The choices are entirely yours; TRANSFORMATION is personal.

We are each one members of society, and as it makes us who we are, we also create and recreate it through our actions. TRANSFORM yourself, and with each personal transformation, the WORLD WILL CHANGE. Improve yourself, improve the world. Listen to your heart and have patience. From hardships we grow, we change, we get better. Learn to see the lesson behind the struggle.


Decisions, especially personal ones, are infused with emotions. Every choice you make transforms your life; for the good, or for the worse... it's up to you.

Transformation always starts from the inside-out. It starts with the conscious choice of needing and wanting to change your life for the better. With that urge to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

The trigger is personal, but most of the time, it starts with the understanding that your current "human software" isn't working anymore. It needs an "update" to the current life conditions.

Either through hardship or the need to improve, you will start observing. You will start planning. Start learning. And then you'll begin to change. It's the start of a process that might go on your entire life. The goal is the journey. As corny as it might sound, it is the truth.

As with all things, I believe that you need to educate yourself on what your choices are really about. Decide your own journey. Whatever you do, make informed choices that fit your lifestyle. I like to call them "smart choices", hence the name of this blog.


I am trained as a communication and public opinion specialist, from a sociological and a psychosociological point of view. Further developed these skills during a master’s degree involving marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, analyzing public opinion and political campaigns.

My career was steered from marketing to sales, which sharpened the native analytical and storytelling skills, making me see sales as stories told to customers, adding a strong relational and purpose driven elements here and there. I have two creative diplomas, one in Photography and another in Graphic Design and absolutely love to read and create.

In April 2015, almost a year after my diagnosis (read about it HERE), I started SMart Choice Lifestyle. Beginning with May 2016, I'm one of the co-founders of the Association of Patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions (APAN), co-funder of the first group for young people living with MS in Romania (TSMR) and with great honor, a new member of the EMSP Young People's Group.

I have always been fiercely independent and curious by nature. Always wanted to learn things and create / listen to stories. When MS hit, I fought back by getting informed on all things related to it. Burying myself under all that info, helped me rise back up stronger.

Taking a year* off to sort out my life was an opportunity I will always be grateful for. It allowed me to realign thoughts, emotions and values. I truly believe that we can become the “architects” of our lifestyle and TRANSFORM by making informed choices that suit our personal conditions and help to live a more healthy and independent life (even with MS).

Although I have intense moments of fear and anxiety that lead to anger and frustration, I never give up on myself. I always come back to who I am deep inside. Back to my core.

In the end, we become what we choose. We are what we repeatedly do. I chose to ACCEPT, ADAPT and TRANSFORM whatever might come along. I’ll eventually bounce back and build myself back again.

(*side note: it has turned into two years now, but with great benefits)

Thank you for stopping by! Please, feel free to explore the site. To get you started, here are the TOP 10 ARTICLES on SMart Choice since its inception (click each link to read):

One BONUS - the transformation from within series, a project started in 2015:

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Have a wonderful day!

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