How to Search For Love In All The Right Places

All that surrounds us (material stuff, objects, books, buildings) are somebody’s creation. Someone had an idea, then loved that idea and created it. Someone loved that thought, and thus that object is the result of that love. Of this creative force that binds the world together.


Human beings appear from an act of creation, from an act of love. Rapes are and express the lack of love. The rapist has no love for himself and by abusing himself, he thinks that women deserve to be abused in return. He wants to gain power. Power will always be a fight for escaping fear. The fear of not feeling love. The fear of the void and a meaningless existence.
The lack of love is the source of all the evil in the world. It gives birth to rage, fear and aggression. It’s toxic. It’s Hell on Earth. When we do not have love in our lives, when we don’t love the ones around us, when we want to dominate to find love, that’s when we are in Hell. And we take this Hell with us when we die.


Let go of what you can’t change. What does not harm you or influence you directly, has no purpose in annoying you. The mind is the one that is bothered by external factors, because it has decided long ago what annoying is, what this and that are and so on.
At the end of the day, do these external factors change who you really are? No. They only change mood and mood can be bettered, changed, shifted. Remember who you are and always have been. Remember what you love and what you feel.
You need to be loved. You need love to feel secure in the world. It has many facets and understandings and you can find it everywhere. Don’t dwell on negative things. Fill your heart with joy and happiness because you are loved and cherished and taken care of. And from there you can grow. Remember mostly to love yourself. There is no love without loving yourself first.
You are the most precious gift God has made to… you. To your soul. Your mind is gifted, so use it wisely, to do good and expand love. That is your calling. You suffer when you see cruelty and injustice. You defend all those that are accused and done wrong by others. You are their protector.


Do something with this gift. Help people feel better, love themselves more, love others more.
You are made happy seeing beauty, in all of its shapes and sizes. In all of its color, sound and taste. You have a good sense of aestethics and can see the good in everyone. You can see the beauty of that human being, the little child inside that just wants to be loved and accepted.
We are all like this. We collect beautiful things believing that they will make us happy. But that is void of meaning and purpose. Without a kind soul, without taking care of yourself internally, there is nothing there. We accumulate materiality and then we feel empty. Our spirituality suffers.
And then we come back to claiming and craving acceptance. Some people do not recognize it. But the need is there! We all want to be loved. We all want to be helped. We all want to be beautiful, love beauty and see beauty all around.
But we have it inside us. Let it shine and inspire others. It’s your beautiful soul and it shines right through your eyes.


You have an aggressive gatekeeper at your soul. Your mind doesn’t let you see the love you have inside. Your mind is constantly criticizing, judging and pointing fingers at you. We internalized the social model, we criticize ourselves because society is constantly criticizing itself and us too.
The truth is that you are your own worst enemy. You never stop comparing yourself to others, never stop complaining and showing disgust if you don’t conform to what the rest of the world accepts as beautiful, smart or good. Society trained you well! It trained us all so well that we can no longer distinguish between love and fear.
We think that loving someone means to fear losing that love. Fear is selfish. Fear is needy. Fear is angry and demanding. Love is selfless. We love because we enjoy the feeling and the reaction it produces is our partner. Love is independent. We love without clinging, without asking something in return. Love is pure joy and it gives without asking. We love because it pleases us and the other, because we choose to do so.


Love to be loved in return. And most of all: love yourself to be able to love in return. Love what you do. Love what you say. Love what you live and teach others how to be loved and how to give love. Love attracts love.
Feed yourself with positive emotions and when the negative ones come back, because they will come back at some point, just breathe, aknowledge them and move on! Move on and keep loving. Breathe, hug, kiss, relax!
The world is what you make it. It is how you feel it and how you react to it. Reasoning is blind. When you offer love, you get love in return. Contradiction is absurd and leads nowhere. Fear is a blockage and again… leads nowhere.


Yes, you are beautiful! You have gorgeous ideas and insights, creativity and empathy. You have understanding. You are wise and you will get through it all. There is only love in this world. Open your eyes and see it. Open your heart and feel it. Love yourself first, and you will feel love in return.
Find your truth. Who are you exactly, and what do you really want? Don’t believe what others say, don’t even believe what you say to yourself. Allow your heart to feel. To lift itself from the mundane and to search for love deep inside you. It’s already there.
Learn to find love, learn to feel and accept it into your life. Forgive all that have done you wrong. Ask forgiveness from the ones you did wrong to. Forgive yourself for all the self-judgement and self-hatred and start again. Start with love. Build your Heaven on Earth, so that when you die you can take it with you.
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