METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 18 - I Trust #30Letters from #yogacamp miniseries

Trust is about confidence. In others and in yourself. It’s about having faith and being optimistic about things. It’s about hope. It’s about courage and the power to live in spite of the unknown you might be facing. Have faith in yourself and in God that things are going to be alright, that there’s a solution to every pain-point. Every action has a reaction, so make the right choices for your life; those smart, informed choices that will benefit your lifestyle on the long run.

Trust is the opposite of fear and doubt. Would you like to live being scared and doubtful or having confidence that all things are going to get better? They will surely change, nothing stays the same. But they will not improve by themselves if you’re just waiting for something to drop out of the sky and make it happen. It doesn’t work that way.

The U.S. Navy SEALs have a saying: "Get comfortable being uncomfortable.". That way you can prepare yourself for whatever hardship life will throw at you. And life does that. It makes you feel uncomfortable all the time, especially when going through a new experience or trying something for the first time.

Our lifestyles might be comfortable, we might not welcome change, but it’s the way things happen. Especially in MS. In order to go forward with anything, you need to adapt. But adaptation doesn’t come if we don’t accept what’s happening. If we grab hold of our old way of living and reject the new things. It’s a perfectly normal reaction, but so is change. We go through it since we are babies, go through adolescence and reach adulthood and we think this is stable. We have to trust the process. Things change. We change. Accept, adapt and overcome. That’s how life moves forward, no matter the consequences.

The point here is that you need to focus on what you want to achieve, no matter how uncomfortable it might get. I had moments when being uncomfortable with approaching a new person lead me to miss out on things. Or when, after my diagnosis, I was to afraid to exercise, thinking it will cause me to relapse. Two years into it, it hasn’t done it yet, but I learned to live with that fear, and in time it went away. I got stronger. I might not have a beach-body, but I feel toned, my muscles get stretched every day and I learned to go forward, to trust myself into doing things.

You have to take risks, dare more, try new things, work on getting better again and trust that it will eventually be OK.

Here’s the routine I’m referring to. Day 9 of 30 days of #yogacamp: I Trust. Enjoy!

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As always, transformation starts from within.
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#30letters is a miniseries derived from the experience of being transformed by some of my choices, in this case yoga, a lesson about yourself and for yourself. #Yogacamp is a 30 day challenge created by the wonderful Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene) and shared for free on her YouTube Channel. Check it out here.

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