Creative Choices: Why Is My Portrait Photography Project Named SHAPES?

A creative choice is that decision to make something creative. It also involves your reasons, motivations and values. As I've said before in many articles on this blog, choices define who we are. It goes the other way round too: who we are defines the choices we make. It's all connected. Let me tell you more about my creative choice. Read on!


(Originally written on 16th of December 2013)

<<I often get faced with this simple question: "Why Shapes? Why did you name your project like that?". The answer is just as simple.

All around us is a shape of some sort. Trees, cars, animals, houses. All inside us has a metaphorical shape: our dreams, our plans, our memories, and even our feelings. We imagine and make plans following a pattern, a model, a scheme. Their visual expression on paper is a shape, a structure.

Given the fact that i chose to express myself via images and stories through images, the term "shapes" came naturally to me. Even since I was in primary school, I found myself very attracted to geometry, and what is geometry but the science of mathematical shapes!? I translated this concept in the way I would like to compose my images: with the use of shapes and forms.

In photography, the composition rules follow patterns, lines... geometry. Every image, if it is constructed via those rules, has a shape, an internal pattern that guides the eye through it (i.e. the rule of thirds, the Fibonacci number, etc).

In graphic design, geometry is self explanatory: vectors are grouped into groups that form objects, prints and so on. Ad a pinch of color and a whole world of shapes is born.

Last but not least, our whole world is made of shapes. I'm made of shapes, you're made of shapes. Thus my artistical concept is... a shape. A shape of my universe, of the way I create, of the way I represent the reality outside myself.>>

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The following months we'll go deeper into what it takes to become stronger: body, mind and spirit. To become the architect of your wished lifestyle. To become #strongerthanMS.

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