The Courage To Be Who You Really Are & What Is This Blog All About l SMart Choice Lifestyle

The shorter version is that SMart Choice Lifestyle was created with the thought of supporting a brain healthy lifestyle with MS, whilst sharing my experiences of living with the condition and all that I do in between. It then transformed into a general MS platform for the Romanian MSers, but that didn’t continue much, as I didn’t think of myself as experimented as to deal with people’s lives and health.

I’m the type of person that if I am not well prepared to do something, I prefer to not do it until I can really do something worth while. So a few months passed, SMart once more became a personal platform, with an intent to inform and give advice on all types of MS-related issues, such as symptoms, diet and lifestyle. It went on as a tri-weekly blog that had predetermined / themed days that I never stopped brainstorming subjects for (exhausting and frustrating to say the least!).

Here I was, with a lot of personal experience to write about, heartfelt and caring topics to approach, and I focused only on giving the “correct information”, the “researched information”. Don’t get me wrong though. I am always documenting and doing my research from multiple sources before I even dare to trust or believe a piece of information, but this process I was going through was so sterile that I could not put up with it no longer.

So I went on vacation for the winter holidays. Three weeks of vacation that is! Time in which I promised myself I wouldn’t stress so much about the blog as I previously did. Was it successful? Of course not! I had on and off ideas, checked my analytics and drafted new articles from fresh topics.

I began 2016 with the same structure in mind, but finally realised that it didn’t do me (or you) any justice. The MS community and myself needed an authentic voice, not a shared-info-in-my-own-view kind of blog. It sounded more fair to me that way. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with the shapes that best represent who I am and what I stand for.

SMart Choice Lifestyle is my online home. A place where I can invite you all to start a conversation about many topics, whilst raising awareness about MS in the process.

Multiple sclerosis currently affects more than 2.5 milion people worldwide. Although it is a recognized serious illness, many people don’t know much about it and how it affects people’s lives and society’s wellbeing as a whole. I must admit that before receiving my diagnosis I was one of those people. I thought the term “sclerosis” meant you were old and unfortunately senile. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

For the past year and a half browsing through the online MS community, I’ve met so many inspiring and strong people who live with MS on a daily basis. These people always have a kind word to say, in spite of their situation. In 2016, I’m looking forward to meet and learn even more from others living with MS and to dedicate most of my time to share from my experience, to try and help each one of them as best as I can.

Since I’ve discovered the online MS community I have felt less alone. I have felt so inspired by the advice and support that I have received in the past. I only hope that I can offer back the same kind of help to fellow MSers who need it a much as I did when starting this chronic journey.

I find it very easy to talk about my illness, so feel free to open a conversation if you want to know more about it. Ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. MS is nothing to be ashamed or feel vulnerable about. It’s just a disease that happened to me, the person you have already known for years, or that you are just getting to know via this blog.

To be totally honest, it does change the rules of the game a bit. It has made me less tolerant to wasting time on useless, stressful things and conversations, fights or things that are going nowhere. It has made me understand that I’m not that special (as many of us tend to think about ourselves at some point). MS hits randomly and without a known cause. Once it hits, there is no known cure, you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Who am I to complain about my fate when there are people who deal with even worse situations in their fight with MS? From another point of view, it has helped me become humble, see the greater picture and how we all have a predetermined place in the world.

Everything that happens, every person that we meet and everything we go through is meant to teach us a lesson. Open your eyes. See the lesson behind every aspect of life. You’ll be as surprised as I was to see all that you need to learn!

MS has made me stronger. It has made me realise that we all have a defined purpose in life and that we must do the smart choice (pun intended) and go for the gold! Go do that very thing that scares us the most, but in which we find the most satisfaction and happiness.

This blog is also a platform where I can share my passion for the visual arts, for understanding the intricate web of the human mind and spirituality, whilst writing short stories and essays on various other topics. It is a place where I can let you know how am I doing at yoga practice and what have I learned about neuropsychology and health.

Expect to read posts on all things healthy living, having a balanced lifestyle, yoga struggles and tips and tricks, the belief in the higher power of God, meditation, mindfulness and prayer, soothing the mind, books, stories and writers, photography, movies and music, with an occasional travel diary from wherever my life will bring me to.

Also, be prepared for articles about human psychology, the anatomy of the nervous system, neurology, people’s social behaviour and emotions and how does that all link to living with a chronic illness like MS.

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Thank you for taking the time to be here!

Until next time, make the SMart Choices for your lifestyle ;)


P.S. To all my fellow MSers out there: SMILE! It hugs your soul! :)