December 2015 - Monthly Learnings & Analytics - #SMartWednesday

Hello there, you! Happy 2016! We begin this year’s posts with a review of what happened in December. It’s better to sum up and count blessings at the end of each year, so this is what we’re gonna do this week at SMart Choice. Let’s begin!

For more structure, I decided to organize the things I want to share with you into three main categories: mind, body and spirit, followed by a short review of the blog and social analytics.


When the voice in your head is constantly rambling, you can’t do anything right. You tend to be unproductive and feel overly-stressed. What has worked for me and hopefully it will help you too, is allowing myself to let go of whatever was going on inside my mind and unplugg.

Make time for 10 minutes each morning and each evening to simply sit in silence, with your eyes closed, praying, meditating or simply being aware of the present moment. Allow your thoughts to come in, but let them go without making any stories around them. Stop. Breathe. Be calm.


Making lifestyle changes is like running a marathon. You have to keep up with your training and performance in order to achieve consistant results. The end goal is to be healthy and in shape. The reward you get for doing those healthy choices is the good life you’ll be able to live.

Focus on the race, not on the end goal. Keep away from distractions both culinary and “to tired to exercise” occasions like Christmas, New Years, etc. Taking the easy way out may be good for you now, but in the long run, you’d wish those exceptions never took place.


All the troubles we face are because we don’t know ourselves from the inside-out. We don’t know who we really are, what are wants and goals are and so we miss the point. Always looking at others, thinking about our past or planning our future, we miss the present moment and who we really are.

Make time for yourself. Start a daily journal and write down three amazing things that happened to you that day. Write about your emotions, plans and wants. Review it weekly and see how you really are and what you stand for.


December was a full month for everybody and so there were fewer visits to the blog, but more engagement on Instagram & Twitter. That made me understand that people prefered shorter and more easily digestable content. We could all need more time nowadays so, by making content more concise and of more value, people dropped in to say hi.

As engagement and bringing traffic to the blog go, Instagram and Twitter were on first place, followed by Facebook and Google Plus. The majority of the audience came from USA, Russia and Romania, followed by China, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Thank you so much for making this thing possible!

This was all for this week’s #SMartWednesday! Thanks for being here!
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