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To enjoy means to like what you're experiencing. To feel joy and to be at ease. To give joy to others. When the mind is wondering and stressed, you're basically not there, not in the moment. That leads to automatizing your actions, which in turn don't give you any joy, getting you frustrated pretty quickly.

We all get that tendency of doing things a certain way, not because our lives depend on it, but because that's what is expected of us. Expectations are (most of the time) the root of getting disappointed. In a world so diverse, projecting a subjective (wanted) outcome onto situations and people you cannot control paves the way to getting hurt.

Of course you can still trust people and situations and predict their actions and outcomes in relation to you. I'm just saying that it's often best to allow space for flexibility and adaptation. The world around us is constantly changing. Grabbing hold of only a certain point of view can be damaging.

Situations have multiple versions and different outcomes that not always depend on your input. Accepting that is the first step you can do to have more ease and peace of mind. Humans are adaptable creatures, you are able to get passed something unexpected. You get better at it with time, true; but the real insight here is that you are able to do it!

There can even be thoughts of giving up your activity, because you are not getting what you want from it. Here's what I think you can do. Take time for yourself. Let all thoughts and worries melt away. 

Begin moving your body, stretch it out. Let go of judging that you're stiff, tight or unable to do x or y things. Focus on what is available to you at this time and find joy in that. Like what you do. Breathe. 

Find what makes you feel good in that moment, what gives you the satisfaction of getting a thing done well, not what keeps you from doing it perfectly. Life is not about perfectionism, but about finding the imperfections, about finding how and why you react a certain way when you can or can't do a certain thing. It's all part of a process.

It's about ups and downs. Basically, it's a rollercoaster. Remember what I said about trusting the outcome (click HERE)? Keep at it, have faith. Do your best and see how it all turns out. You'll be surprised on how different each moment will be.

As always, transformation starts from within.

Have the most wonderful day!

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