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The fireplace has always been a central focal point of every home or community for ages. It brought heat, food and a means to socialize and tell stories. At its root, the term "focus" literally means "domestic heath" (domestic fireplace floor). To focus means to pay particular attention to something or someone. 

When you're blocking out everything else and concentrating on just one thing, you know that you're focused. What happens when you're so into doing something that you become oblivious of all other stuff around you? Time flies by.

Focus compresses time. When you're caught up in experiencing / doing a certain activity, you understand that all things are relative, given the situation you find yourself in at a certain moment.

It's all a matter of perspective, of how you perceive what's happening. It's a matter of how you choose to see your reality. In this particular situation, we talk about time, but the relativity applies to how you define a situation to be real, how you picture it to be, to what emotions, beliefs or actions you associate to it. It's all about what choices you're making.

We can't make every decision right, but we can train to get the majority of them done the smart way. Be aware of your feelings, actions, consequences and surroundings. Get informed, ask questions and then focus on doing things right. Focus on bringing more good into this world.

You have your very own fireplace inside you. It's the place from which every emotion pours out of you when you feel, the place you feel broken when you get rejected or get the impression that you don't belong. That inner fireplace is your heart. With every beat it tells your story, it gathers your experiences. 

We all have an infinite amount of love inside. For others and most importantly for ourselves. You might not be aware of this yet, but love is in your heart. Your self-confidence might be low, but you still care about yourself and what happens to you. Take time to go deeper. Take time to focus. You'll be surprised of how much you actually keep locked inside.

It's a different process for everyone, it might take longer or happen very quickly. The main idea here is to start. Come back to your inner fireplace. To your inner focus. Then write down what happened. It will be your most cherished memory, I promise you!

That is all for today's article. If you want to know more about HOW to begin the process of inner focusing, let me know in the comments below.

As always, transformation happens from within.

Have a wonderful day,

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