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Some time ago you got scared of being emotionally hurt. You were afraid of showing your vulnerability and kept it locked inside you. That didn't allow you to be put in any vulnerable situation, where you depended on other's acceptance, mercy or attention. You fought back whenever that happened. You were getting way to cautious.

Until you understand that sensibility is in fact a strength that allows you to deeper understand and empathize with people and the world around you. You understand that all this time you were just blocking your natural way of being: compassionate, warm, giving, in fear of what others will say or do. Who cares?

Nobody looks that closely at you... not so much time anyway. We are all self-focused. We only hear others out, take them into account when they make it personal, when it involves us. Either through love or hate, we are activated by what others throw at us. Hate and anger made us close in the first time around. How about opening our hearts and give some kindness and compassion instead?

So, another two lessons here: want to involve people in your cause? Make them care, establish a connection. Want everyone to leave you alone? Stop reacting to them, interrupt that connection.

Stop resisting to what you feel inside. Give your heart the power to make your life brighter. Allow yourself to give parts of you to others. It feels wonderful to make people smile. It's humbling to find out that you've motivated someone to not give up and move onwards with life. You might cry in either one of these moments, but surrender to that to. It's authentic.

Feel free to be your own self. This world has to many masks going on already. A mask, a standardized human being never amazed anyone. Surrender to your true self. Surrender to being alive and living the best life you can possibly offer to the world around you.

That is all for today's article. If you want to know more about HOW to begin the process of surrendering, let me know in the comments below.

As always, transformation happens from within.

Have a wonderful day,

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