The Right to Hope. A take on Romanian Multiple Sclerosis

So I received this comment (scroll down to read it) that I resonated with at a deeper level. Most people would have deemed it as offensive. I’m not being a hypocrite. At first, it did make me feel a bit offended. But then I stopped to think for a moment. And I began to understand this person’s point of view. In fact, I recognised some of the ideas as one of my own.

Every person with MS has a story. Every person with MS has a voice. And that voice needs to be listened to. That person must be understood, helped and appreciated for the unique human being he or she is.

I refuse to accept that people can be left with no hope. I will not stand and watch as just one single individual gets treated unfairly. I see the fear, I see the anger, I see the frustration. I can even see the despair some might come to have. And I understand ALL of that! God, how I understand it!

It’s a real life fight for survival, not the kind you get to see on TV, in movies or in overdramatic news reports. In Romania, some MS’ers  are stuggling to get through another day, another hour. And there’s ignorance! So much ignorance! The public opinion is unaware of this much suffering. People blame. People point fingers. People just don’t care.

And the fear, the anger, the frustration and despair come again. Why these feelings you ask?

Because their HOPE is threatened. Their FUTURE is NOT CERTAIN, even more so with a diagnosis as multiple sclerosis: an invisible, incurable and unpredictable illness. These people are told to wait on a list. To wait for the treatment that might help them. To wait on a bloody list as they hold on for their life and gasp for air at the slightest symptom. To wait on a list as their families see them struggle. As their friends fail to understand them. As employers treat them as replaceable parts in their business motors. As the Government treats them as “mere statistics”, as “too few cases, money not justified”. There aren't enough funds for all patients and many have to be left untreated, they have to wait. As the society judges people who seem different than the norm. As the media is filled with surgical enhanced models, sex scandals and shallow content, just because it “brings more audience”.

MS is cruel. But you know what is even crueler? IGNORANCE! Ignorance and criticizing what you don’t know or don’t understand.

And then they ask “who are these MS’ers and why are they bitter, angry and have a victim mentality?”. The truth is MS'ers are hurting inside, they are just like you all: wanting to be understood, apreciated and heard. To have families. To have jobs. To be productive. To be loved. They just want to live normal lives. And for that they need access to treatment.

Help us raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. Help us stand tall and dignified. Share this article and ask us questions.

ALL people have… the right to HOPE!

Alexandra Celic