The Maya Of Being Beautiful, Smart & Healthy

Do you believe in magic? Mass consumption says you do. Mass media says you do. Our society lives in a bubble, denying and masking chronic illnesses. Denying and masking people who live with chronic conditions and glorifying beauty, intelligence and health. Imperfections and disease scare us. All human beings are afraid of rejection and death. Let us reveal the illusion in today’s article. Read along…

The term “maya” comes from sanskrit and literally means “illusion” and “magic”. Today’s society is an exclusive magic show, which only features beautiful, smart and healthy individuals. You see it all the time and all around. TV shows, movies, billboards, commercials, glossy magazines. You hear about it all day long. At your favorite cafe, at work, at home, at meetings with friends. The maya is all around you.

But you have multiple sclerosis and the maya does not know how to portray something that is not glitz and glamour so you feel rejected.

Wake up and breathe!

Let’s repeat the last part: an illusion rejected you. Something superficial, man-made and elitist. What does that say about your personal value? Absolutely nothing. You are a member of society, your own person, with quiks, loves, likes, hates, dislikes, dreams, succeses, failures, families, jobs, oh! And MS! That’s considered your flaw. A condition you got randomly, to which there is no identified cause and no known cure.

Maravellous! Let’s outcast every person who does not fit the maya! Imagine what our world would have been if there would be no flaws, no mistakes, no trouble, no pain, only perfection! Welcome to the Planet of The Apes! That’s where we would be still. We would not have evolved, because we wouldn’t have known adversity.

OK, OK, the natural selection issue! Let’s talk about that too. Nature and society have a common system: what cannot adapt, will perrish. And it’s fair for about five minutes in today’s society. People with MS are already members of communities, have contributed to the greater good in one way or another, they pay taxes and all. It’s just misconception. Lack of awareness.

Old age, disease and death are a natural outcome for all of us. We tend to reject what we fear most. But the three are going to happen to all of us sooner or later. It’s just what you do with and in that time in between that matters. Human beings need to have a purpose. We need to feel and be useful. We need to feel apreciated and loved. We need to feel normal.

By rejecting chronic conditions, people only reinforce the maya. They passively support the frivolity and lack of meaning in today’s media and consumption. They deny what is inherently human: to be a social creature, to be useful and supported. Pretending not to see old age, dissability and death is not going to make them dissapear.

The maya eventually falls. And then you must face the truth. Have it easy and start educating yourself on these matters now.

Multiple sclerosis makes no discrimination. It occurs randomly. A cure must be found soon.

The maya is not imune to the russian roulette of life.


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