Diagnosed with MS: Did you ever feel alone?

For a few hours now the sun is blazing and knocking on my windows. It might be a beautiful weather outside, but my MS is not so excited about 33 C. It’s 16 pm here in Bucharest and accordind to my schedule, I had to finish today’s post hours ago. But I don’t mind! Here’s why.

I began this blog with the sole purpose of raising awareness for MS in my country. I find my best expression in the written word. At the time of diagosis, the only good information I could get my hands on was from websites outside Romania. Of course there are knowledgeable institutions and organizations that take care of these issues, but the information I craved was nowhere in site. All doom and gloom. Not a positive outlook for a 28 year old with lots of dreams in her pocket and an independent mind.

SMart Choice is a platform born out of the need to help. To help other young people who got diagnosed and thought that their world would mean a wheelchair sentence in a few years. SMart Choice is about a smart (pun intended) outlook on living with MS. A place where I can share my day-to-day basis MS life hacks. A place where you could come for support, counselling and a good virtual hug in time of need.

I think big because my life did not teach me anything else. I dare to dream because I know I can fight this condition. I want to help because once upon a time, almost a year ago, I was alone. I needed information, understanding and like-minded people with the same outlook on life: healthy, witty and sarcastic.

I am open in talking about MS and the “Pinky Moments” it gives my brain (inspired from Pinky and The Brain cartoons). I finally chose to write in English because I can make myself heard better this way. I can create bridges and not stumble upon language barriers. I can raise awareness not only about MS, but MS in Romania. There are some older posts written in Romanian, but with time they will be translated. They are mostly about the nervous system, about questions to ask your doctor, and more technical issues like that.

There’s no tragedy about not posting an article at a certain hour. What matters the most is showing up. Simply being there in case anyone needs you.

Most of all I want to help people not to feel alone. I now know that I surely am not.

Thank you for reading!

Alexandra Celic


P.S. Question: Did you ever feel alone when you were first diagnosed with MS? Join the conversation and share your answer on Facebook, Twitter or on a comment down below.