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This first week of 2017 found me a bit conflicted between work and taking time off. As much as I like having free time and spending it to my liking, I also have plans for this year that I’m really excited for. Enter overwhelm and mind freeze. What do I mean by that?

Somehow, I wasn’t able to focus although I had my planner and to do list right in front of me, each day. Although I wrote the first article of this year about acceptance, I wasn’t able to cope with my own state of mind. I think it was a combination of feeling a bit under the weather and being energized by interesting ideas. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. But then I understood where the problem laid. I wasn’t paying attention to my body and just letting my mind stress me out with a tornado of thoughts (and my mind is a true expert at speed thinking).

The thing that helped me get back track was, as always, knowing that God has my back and the only thing I have to do is to love Him, love others and be a good person. More than a year ago I started a spiritual journey while trying to get back to myself, following the MS diagnosis. Little by little, as I read the Bible, I began to understand all of those stories I once knew from afar and more so, getting to remember and love myself through rediscovering God in my life. I am sorry that I can’t provide a road map for that, but the journey is unique and the discoveries are so personal, that no guidelines would do them justice.

All that I can tell you for the time being is to take breaks and just sit with your thoughts, whenever you feel overwhelmed. Be still and become mindful of your five senses, explore your sensations and pay attention to how you feel. It might sound like any other meditation technique you might have heard of, but this one is different. Why? Because it’s a search for the love inside your heart, it’s a journey to forgiving all that have ever done you wrong, it’s a journey to self-discovery. And it can begin now. The only trick is to keep it constant, do it daily and reflect on your findings.

It’s all a long story and I’ll not be able to tell it all here. I plan on adding regular content on themes like these throughout 2017 and hopefully they’ll serve you well. We all learn things in our lives so that we pass them on to others that either need them or are curious to learn, to grow.

See you next week & have a wonderful weekend!

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