METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 9 - Embrace Your Changing World. #30Letters from #yogacamp miniseries

What do you embrace? What do you want to hug, comfort, nurture? Physically or mentally?

When confrunted with this choice, the first thing that popped into my mind was that I accept my body, just as it is. My emotions and change itself were the two next items.

I embraced my changing world. I choose to adapt. Everything is changing, all is transformed at some point. For the better or for the worse, it doesn’t matter really. Things, people… they just change. They evolve or involve.

Breathe. Let life flow.

I embrace my body, for it is God’s creation. I shower it with love, care and nurture. It is the seat of my soul and of my energy.

I learned that love heals. I sent love to my sore throat, to my brain and asked them to reax and heal. I know that’s not an instant cure, but it does shift my wordly perception for the better.

As I embrace, accept and love my body, I feel the need to bring it to the best shape possible, inside and out. Balance between food, sleep and movement.

Be mindful of each food choice I make. Everything that I put inside my body has the power to nourish or make me sick.

Be mindful of rest and relaxation, be fully present and let go of all concerns. Relax the tight spots of the body.

Be mindful of each move I make, synchronize it to the breath and enjoy the flow. Get out of my mind and into my heart. See how the world looks from that perspective.

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As always, transformation starts from within.

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#30letters is a miniseries derived from the experience of being transformed by some of my choices, in this case yoga, a lesson about yourself and for yourself. #Yogacamp is a 30 day challenge created by the wonderful Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene) and shared for free on her YouTube Channel. Check it out here.


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