METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 10 - Awaken Your Self-Awareness. #30Letters from #yogacamp miniseries

I awaken my purpose in life. I awaken my body. I awaken my inner potential. 

Lead with the heart and be humble around people. It doesn’t mean to be run over, just to quit thinking of yourself as the center of the Universe.

Listen to their stories and find the spark within them. People need to know other people. Need to be inspired and need to care for each other. All people have amazing stories to tell, if you’d only listen. Be quiet and listen.

Make room for transformation and transformational stories. For the better, for the worse? Wait and see. Find out as you go through life.

I give thanks to God for what He has given me, for all the life lessons I received. He knows my soul and I cannot hide. He knows my Ego and I am ashamed. I am just another human being. There’s nothing spectacular about me. The only thing special is the way and what I create and make people feel.

We all have issues, problems. We’re not unique. Only our choices are.

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As always, transformation starts from within.

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#30letters is a miniseries derived from the experience of being transformed by some of my choices, in this case yoga, a lesson about yourself and for yourself. #Yogacamp is a 30 day challenge created by the wonderful Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene) and shared for free on her YouTube Channel. Check it out here.


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