METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 7 - Accept Yourself. #30Letters from #yogacamp miniseries

Transformation always starts from the inside-out. It starts with the conscious choice of needing and wanting to change your life for the better. With that urge to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. You start observing. Start planning. Start learning. And then you begin to change. It’s the start of a process that might go on your entire life. The goal is the journey. As corny as it might sound, it is the truth.

We all strive to arrive, to get there, to make it. And then we stop. Why stop? Your life isn’t over, right? As long as you are alive, you can constantly learn and experience new things, train to be healthier and aim to achieve more and more goals. Have failures and learn some more from those too. Get up after you fall and start again. Life isn’t a one shot do them all thing. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow. And one day, leave a legacy. Teach others how you made it where you are. But first comes acceptance.

Accept that some things cannot be changed just because you want them to right then and there. Changes take time and effort. They take action and more likely, positive actions. Things are always flowing, the natural law is to transform, to change, to exist in a shape and then in another. Simply put: it all flows, it all passes, it all shifts. That doesn’t mean things disapear. They just become something else and it’s up to you to decide what. Through the choices you make, through the actions you take, through the thoughts you have.

Accept your fears and they suddenly stop attacking your mind. Accept the anger and it calms down like a purring kitten after being petted. Accept your anxiety and it dissolves into thin air, leaving you at peace and calm. Trust in the power of accepting things, people, thoughts. Accept what and who you are. Accept your flaws and your quirks and your likings. Accept who you are, no matter what others say. Someone will always have something to criticize and comment. You can’t please everyone!

Accept your body, accept that you are not perfect, but perfectible. You can always improve something about you. It’s all about choice.

Accept that you can’t change people around you and accept them for who they are. Accept yourself. Accept that you get scared, accept your fears. But know that you are strong, healthy and safe. Accept that you get angry. Acknowledge that and move on, transform it.

You are kind and loving. Find love within. Love yourself and then you can fully love others. Accept that you get anxious. Really, really anxious. It’s OK to feel that. Being scared and lacking love at that moment makes it act like that. Breathe!

Be calm and focused. Approach everything with ease. Accept whatever you can’t change. Adapt. Have a kind heart. Accept your condition, accept your flaws, accept your pains, accept that things happen, that things flow.

The best choice you’ll make is accepting who you are and acting to please yourself every single day. Be your best friend. Accept yourself fully!

You are whole, you are NOW!

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#30letters is a miniseries derived from the experience of being transformed by some of my choices, in this case yoga, a lesson about yourself and for yourself. #Yogacamp is a 30 day challenge created by the wonderful Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene) and shared for free on her YouTube Channel. Check it out here.