METAMORPHOSIS - ep. 15 - I Am Bold. #30Letters from #yogacamp miniseries

(written originally on 12 Jan)

I am BOLD to live my life without FEAR!

Yoga is the art of waking up, even just because I surely felt my body waking up in the 30 or so minutes of this routine. I used to complain mildly about not feeling as much of a workout during yoga class. Today I did. Sweat was not actually streaming down, but just enough to let me know I am alive and the body is cracking open through yoga.

Being bold and having the courage and strength to go through all the asanas without major complaints, makes me happy and able to understand that my body can do lots of things. The mind needs training and peeling off old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve me.

I focused on the sensations and body reactions as I moved through asanas. Closing the eyes gets you more in tune with how your body feels during the moves and how that makes you feel while moving. EXPLORE! I surely have the need now.

Here’s the routine I’m referring to. Day 9 of 30 days of #yogacamp: I Am Bold. Enjoy!

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As always, transformation starts from within.
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#30letters is a miniseries derived from the experience of being transformed by some of my choices, in this case yoga, a lesson about yourself and for yourself. #Yogacamp is a 30 day challenge created by the wonderful Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene) and shared for free on her YouTube Channel. Check it out here.



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