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Our mind is the biggest trixter. Its basic function is to register all the information we consume throughout the day and store the bits and pieces that are proving to be useful to our daily lives. The problem these days is that with so much data to process, the mind not only can get exhausted, but it doesn’t know when to slow down and let us rest.

Ever since we were babies, we have been absorbing and learning all kind of things. From how to speak, walk and talk, to the more advanced ones, like how to write a thesis and be good at our job. We’re on a constant learning curve and that’s fine. The issue is that the mind needs rest, needs a break from all this noise, so that we can once again function at the best of our abilities the next day.

Try to sit still for a few seconds. Close your eyes and just be. Can’t shut down that constant chatter, am I right? This is one of my constant struggles as well. I have to work on myself just to be able to be aware of what I’m doing on a given day. But in time and with patience, it can be tamed, you can clear your head. It’s a daily practice.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Have scheduled hours to go on social (phone, computer, etc) and hours to rest. Allow yourself to wake up, breathe, and start the day slowly but mindfully. The same thing goes for the evenings: leave all screens in another room, at least one hour before bed. Instead, read a fictional novel, your favorite story, anything that can get you relaxed and put your thoughts into relaxation mode. The internet, apps and games are VERY tempting, I know that! Ask me how many times I scrolled way passed midnight! But your sleep, rest and wellbeing are more important than all the entertainment and information this world can provide. Take care of yourself and sleep at least 8 hours per night.

  1. Write your mind off! Pay attention to your thoughts and allow them to settle one at a time. Schedule 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and in the evenings to write down what’s on your mind. I find it useful to have three main categories to put my thoughts into, three “buckets of thought”: what I think, how I feel and what I need to do about it. If categorizing is not your thing, try to “brain dump” all the clutter inside your mind, and analize afterwards. Day and day out, you’ll eventually begin to see a pattern, and understand your thought process. Look for triggers, repetitive behavior with certain emotions, etc.

  1. Clear the mind, sit in silence and practice gratefulness for all the things achieved today. Even if it’s as little as writing that email that was somewhat overdue, be happy that you finally did that. What matters most is the process of expressing gratitude. Pray for guidance and ease, give thanks for what you’ve been given and the moments when you and your loved ones have been at your best. Wish for more of that.

Taking care of your mind and unplugging at the end of the day, as well as having a no-gadget morning routine can be hard to achieve. Especially now, when connection is made easy. But the most important connection you’ll ever have is the one with God and with yourself. Peace of mind and ease of heart matter most than anything.

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