How to Make Smart Choices? - #SMartWednesday

We all heard about SMART goals. They have to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Been there, done that. But how does a choice look like under the same lens and how does it influence your life? Find out below.


A choice is the action of mentally making a decision. The moment when you are faced with options and need to assume just one. There are good choices, there are bad choices. But all you do in your life is choose. You  are your parents’ choice of having children. Think about that.

All that you’ve chosen until now has shaped you in one form or the other. All your daily habits are the consequence of choosing. Success, health and even your dream lifestyle begin with what you choose to do daily. In your morning rituals, in your to do list, in managing your priorities.


Think about what you want in life. Mentally draw your ideal lifestyle. Be specific. Give details. Sketch it out on paper. What goals do you have? What do you aim for? List ready? Next, think about what choices you need to make daily in order to get you closer to fulfilling them.

Once you got those noted down, do the work! As Tim Ferriss says, “dreamline” your ideal lifestyle. Meaning that you need to put all of your choices on a timeline, in a time frame that allows you to work consistently and productively to achieve your goals.

Make sure to work in little, attainable steps. This helps you not to get discouraged on the long run. Set tight deadlines and measure your progress as you get to each target. See what choices have worked, what choices need to be done from now on, see what choices weren’t so smart after all.

The most important tip I can give you is to mind your emotions. Be aware of the state of mind you are in when making a choice. In general, positive mindsets generate good ideas, and negative mindsets generate bad ones. Think about moments when you are angry and say something that you later regret. That was a bad choice.

The trick is to do all the things needed to attain a positive state of mind, to be happy and calm in order to be able to focus on choosing well, on choosing smart. That’s what SMart Choice Lifestyle is all about! I’m here to guide your way into making the right choices for you. The choices that are in allignment with who you are as a person, and with what you want to do with your life.

In order to gain a positive mindset you have to change the way you see the world. Transform the way you think of yourself and your life. All change is triggered by something that happened, is happening or will happen in your life.

The catch is to learn how to accept, adapt and finally overcome whatever negative things you have in your life right now. Be it stress, anxiety, disability, fear, anger, being overweight, depressed, etc. The biggest change comes from within and goes from the inside-out.


There are three layers we need to peal in order to start acting our choices: body, mind and emotion. Join me tomorrow as we start working on how to declutter and simplify our bodies from the inside out.

Question of the day: How did choices influenced your life so far? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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