How I Plan To Start a Business While Having Multiple Sclerosis - #LifestyleFriday

This #LifestyleFriday we deal with the impact multiple sclerosis has on young individuals careers and how I dealt with the situation. Keep on reading.

Work is an important part of my life. It gives me something to do, something to contribute to society, it supports me financially. It even defines my identity and self-worth. That’s why, when I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I entered mourning. I grieved not only my long lost health, but the future of my job and/or career. What will it happen now?

I basically grabbed the bull by its horns and took the matter into my own hands. After receiving the diagnosis, I simply told my employer what my situation was like and that was that. If he cared, he cared, if he didn’t … he didn’t. For me it was the second option so I left.

I decided to get that out of the way as soon as possible so that I could focus on my health and future. Why struggle with hiding an incurable, chronic and potentially debilitating illness? The stress of nondisclosure was not worth it in the long run.


If the employer is a person that values skill and mastery, he would probably understand that helping you work in good conditions is advantageous both for him and for you. It’s a win-win situation. If he doesn’t understand anything than profit, understand him in return, and leave. It’s the best choice you can make.

OK, you may want to keep your job because you like it and it earns you a good pay. That’s it? Money over health? Because you can take your passion and start something on your own.

Why live in constant stress and tension just for a paycheck? I personally don’t understand that. It’s only a material thing and as all of its kind, it’s volatile. OK, I understand that you have bills to pay and a life to maintain. The thing that you really fear losing is your independence and self-worth. We live in a world where self-achievement and careers are top of the game and we easily identify with work-related successes.

But to what end? You lose your time, your relationships and eventually your health doing what? Working to fulfill some other person’s dream and fortune? And above that you also live with multiple sclerosis? Stop doing that right now! Just stop it!

Are you a puppet that acts only when being directed by the pupeteer, or are you a talented human being that can put its talents to good use and live a life working on and with its passion? You’ve got this far by mastering your skills and being recognized for that at your workplace.

What makes you talented? What do you enjoy and are good at doing?

Think how can you monetize your talent, gather a team and start your own dream. If you are passionate working in a certain area, why not work for yourself? It will be hard at first, but the rewards are far higher. You are the master of your own schedule, are using your skills to the fullest, have the opportunity to make your own choices and set prices. And most of all you are at peace with your situation. 

Being calm is one of the most important things when you manage life with multiple sclerosis. Let me get things clear: having your own business is not a peaceful and serene environment, it involves responsibility, stress and dealing with challenging situations. But it is worth it, as you have the freedom in working by your own rules and terms.


That was my own approach in choosing to work with multiple sclerosis. I am passionate about designing projects, I constantly have new ideas and enjoy my daily schedule. As of a year now, I have been staying at home, taking a break to sort out my mind around the new path I must follow for my life from now on. It was  a breath of fresh air, as I came to terms with many of my issues and have grown in so many areas. Details about those in articles to come.

But that year was over at the end of this summer and I am now officially bored. Not selfishly bored, but in the sense that I want to be of use to people, to be able to provide value and use my skills and knowledge to make a change for the better in people’s lives.

SMart Choice Lifestyle started as a platform where I can be open about my multiple sclerosis journey and where I can help you make the right choices in living a healthy lifestyle, choices that through becoming habits will surely change your life for the better.

This platform is a result of my internal struggles and self-analysis throughout the last 12 months. I got aware of many things, I understand things a little better than I did before I started and I made peace with my diagnosis.

I am ready to ride this rollercoaster and to make the best of my life as best as I can.

So I plan to start my own business and to put to good use all the things that I learned about myself and the world in this past year. It is a work in progress, and I will let you know about it as things unfold. I do not like telling before doing, so you’ll know when it’s ready (Because I’ll write about it and you will probably hear me yelling “I DID IT!” from wherever you may be. Kidding! Or not.).

The message I want to convey is that you can do anything that you set your mind to do. It’s only a matter of releasing the fear of failure. And that’s one big problem, I know.

For me personally, regret of not trying it is bigger than any fear. The regret of wasting my life away, living and working in fear, waiting for the next paycheck as I spend 12 hours with an Excel sheet and email in front of my eyes. And on top of that living with multiple sclerosis.

This was all for this week’s #LifestyleFriday! Thanks for being here!

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